Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Custom SIMON BAZ DC Infinite/ Multiverse 3 3/4 inch scale custom action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

Next in my custom action figures is the DC infinite Simon Baz 3 3/4 inch figure . He was made as a commission in 2016 using the Bullseye base body, modded Daredevil head and a TON of sculpture. Each line was sculpted meticulously using the DC Collectibles figure as a guide. His tattoo reads "courage" in Arabic and was one of the most laborious things to paint at this scale. Check his video on YouTube for more details on how he was made at:

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Dc Icons Dick Grayson Batman Custom action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

This was one of those super quick commissions that I so love: The challenge was to transform your regular Dc Icons Batman into the Dick Grayson version from Batman and Son. Just resculpted the gauntlets and belt with Aves apoxie and the fins with the flexible kind, and after some color matching, Dick was ready to don Bruce's cowl. No vid on this one so enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Custom Funko Pop! GOGETA vinyl action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

Straight from Dragon Ball Super comes Gogeta! He was a commission for a customer and  was made using a Funko Pop Dragon Ball Resurrection F Super Saiyan God Goku figure with fully resculpted hair and costume parts with Aves Apoxie. The protruding hair strands were made with flexible apoxie to avoid breakage in case it takes a shelf dive.  Check his video for tons of WIP pictures and descriptions on how he was made at:

Parts used:
 Funko Pop! Goku:
Aves Apoxie Sculpt:

Saturday, December 1, 2018

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My latest custom: Dc Multiverse 3 3/4 inch Simon Baz figure:
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Up for preorder: SH Figuarts Severus Snape figure! Available at:
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Baraka figure by Storm Collectibles! Based in his MK2 appearance, this blood thirsty Tarkatan comes with blade spark attachments and 2 sweet blood effects. Preorder at:

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Santa Claus He-Man Masters of the Universe Classics custom action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

Ti's the season! Santa Claus He-Man was a commission for a customer who loves the He-Man and She-Ra holiday special. He was made using just a regular Motuc body and cast Filmation He-man head. The rest was all meticulously sculpted following the animation of the show including his belly which had to look like stuffing, and his beard and hat which were made of flexible plastic. Along with Holiday She-Ra, Santa He-Man is ready to bring the joy of the season! Want more? Check his video on youTube at:

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Custom Funko Pop! KORG repaint by Hunter Knight Customs

This was a quick personal project I made exactly one year ago. I gave the regular Funko Pop  Korg from Thor Ragnarok a series of Citadel washes and Drybrushes to make him look more screen accurate and less "Toyetic". It only took me about 3 hours but the practice was well worth it. Vid and materials used are in the vid description: Thanks for checking!


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Custom Masters of the Universe Classics SHARELLA action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

Next in my customs list is Sharella! was Sharella! Ok, she might be a bit obscure, since she only appeared as a small drawing in the box for Megator. She was re-designed by Axel Gimenez a few years ago, and that is where I based the design for this figure. She is basically a Battleground Teela with sculpted top and  resculpted lower arms. Her quiver was donated from a Young Justice Artemis figure with sculpted details and her bow is a cast from a legolas figure with added details. Check her video at:

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Custom Masters of the Universe Classics SLAMURAI action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

Next in my customs list is Slamurai! Based in the concept designs by Axel Gimenez and Errol McCarthy, he was a commission for my friend Danielle. He was a pretty easy one to kitbash since the only part you need to resculpt is the chest emblem. The challenge here was to apply the white paint evenly. As you know, white along with Yellow are chromatic nightmares so I had to dust off my old sputtering airbrush which is on it's last dying phase, to get the job done. Slamurai features Glow in the dark eyes and is fully articulated. Check his video at:

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Custom Zelena action figure from ABC's Once upon a Time by Hunter Knight Customs

"The Queen might be evil, but I'm wicked. And wicked always wins"

Happy Halloween! And what better way to celebrate it than with a custom  Zelena the Wicked Witch of the West action figure from ABC's Once Upon a Time. She was a commission for a customer and was made out of a Marvel Legends Wasp figure with sculpted hair, dress and shawl. Her face features a more realistic paint job made of dozens of layers of skin tones and washes.  Check her video at: 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fortnite action figures By McFarlane toys are up for preorder now!

Fortnite action figure preorders are up! Featuring 7 inches tall and more than 18 points of articulation, they include videogame accurate accessories like the Axecalibur, Rainbow Smash tool and are slated for a November 30th release date. Included in this assortment are: Cuddle Team Leader (My favorite don't ask why) Black Knight, Raptor, and Skull trooper. You can preorder them now and your card won't be charged until the items are in stock. Cancel anytime: