Saturday, March 18, 2017

Custom Snake Armor Man-At-Arms action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

On Ebay now (ending tomorrow):   Snake Armor Man-At-Arms V3! After publishing the second version many people asked me about a cleaner, cartoon looking one. So, this one features cartoon accurate colors, subdued battle damage with a re-designed left arm and left leg. His right arm features an interchangeable authentic 200X arm cannon redecoed with realistic paint apps and removable blast attachment to vaporize those annoying Snake Men. Check his video at:
custom action figure
Custom Snake hunter Man-At-Arms figure V3

Snake armor she-ra He-man Man-at-arms
Custom Snake hunter Man-At-Arms figure V3 along with Snake Armor He-man and She-Ra

Check his video at:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Custom Funko Pop ROGUE (x-men Jim Lee style) vinyl figure

On Ebay now:   Funko Pop Rogue! Acclaimed by many, the southern belle comes ready in her Jim Lee style era costume. She features sculpted hair, headband, super detailed costume and stand.   Check her video at:

Custom Funko Pop Rogue by Hunter Knight Customs

Custom Jim Lee Rogue and Wolverine (Funko Pop style)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Custom Marvel Legends STARFOX action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

On Ebay now :  Starfox! Ok, he is not related to the Nintendo game (that would be Star-Fox) He is actually a member of the Eternals of Titan and brother to the evil Thanos. Eros here (That being his real name) was made our of a Spider-man base figure, cast  Chris Redfield head from the Palisades line with sculpted hair and uniform bits plus sculpted fox emblem. Do a barrel roll! Wait no, cheap joke. Check his video at:

Custom Starfox figure Marvel legends

Custom Starfox figure Marvel legends

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Custom Vintage style Queen Marlena action figure by Hunter Knight Customs

Queen Marlena! She was made in 2 different years for 2 different customers. The first one was based off the MOTUC toy and the second one on the cartoon. The lower dress was first sculpted in castilene wax then cast in plastic resin. I made several copies which later came in handy for figures like Shadow Weaver and others. A fun project for sure! Check her video for behind the scenes pics at:

vintage custom queen marlena
Custom vintage style Queen Marlena versions

vintage custom queen marlena
Vintage style Queen Marlena V2

vintage custom queen marlena
Vintage style Queen Marlena V1

Monday, March 6, 2017

Custom Marvel Universe Romulus from Wolverine Origins #39

Lupines rule with Romulus! Made as a commission, he is taller than Wolverine, features flexible claws, sculpted hair and ponytail donated from a Dc Universe Dove figure. The leg armor was the greatest part from this figure (I love sculpting armor) but those lines were a challenge for sure. A second version has been commissioned by another customer this time with sculpted lines on both legs. Check the vid here:


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Custom Kittrina Masters of the Universe classics figure from "The cat and the spider"

Kittrina! After a customer commissioned me a regular version, I kinda wanted to do a battle armored take on the wild feline. In the video you can see the sculpt stages of the head which was the most difficult part of the character. This wouldn't  have been possible without the help from the fountain of MOTU knowledge that is James Eatock. Thank you James!  Check the video at:

Monday, February 27, 2017

New York Toy Fair 2017 full recap with Hunter Knight

So , this is what I have been doing all weekend: a 29 minute video compiling the most important action figure reveals at Toy Fair 2017 with... Some humor and sarcasm of course. Check it at:

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Custom Funko Pop Commissioner Gordon (animated) by Hunter Knight Customs

 On Ebay now and for 2 DAYS ONLY!:  Funko Pop Commissioner Gordon! He is a mix of a walter white head with sculpted hair, right arm,   Percival graves body with heavily resculpted pants, shirt and tie. After an animated paint job he will now join your batman animated pops in the search for justice! Check his video at:

Custom Marvel Universe Crystal (from the Inhumans)

On Ebay now 2 DAYS ONLY!:  Inhumans represent! Crystal is a fan demanded character, her costume sections  were sculpted with apoxie as well as her hair and hairpiece. Her design is a mix of the animated show and the official Marvel reference. Yellow is quite a difficult color to achieve but after so many characters I think I'm getting the hang of it. Check her video at:

Friday, February 17, 2017

Custom New 52 style Hawkman (Dc Multivers 3.75 inch scale)

He was a commission I took that had to be made in less than a month for a birthday. Based off his looks in The New 52, the choice was made of using the Hercules base body for a bulkier look. The armor was painstakingly sculpted out of apoxie, the wings on his head donated by the dismal Mattel infinite Hawkman and the wings from an Angel figure. After a paint job that included hours of shading and highlights, Hawkman joined her collection in time. You can see his video with extra WIP shots here: