Monday, May 25, 2009

new customs this week:

Woah "tempus fugit" ..time flies, this week was the shortest i have had ..well i still managed to have several customs to please all fans:
Celes from Final Fantasy 6 thanks to my friend Brent who suggested it. Bow from the she-ra series, fans wanted one in the classics style, mara jade in jedi outfit, for those lovers of the hottest redheaded jedi of the expanded universe (i'm one) Smoke version 2.0 new head ,new guards total awesomenes, x-23 with metallic claws in x-force suit, and finally a female cobra officer for the Joe fans. you can bid on them here:
Of course most of them have videos, at my youtube channel:
Oh and i will be working on several commissions : 2 hordaks and one Jean grey so its going to be a busy week

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

aaand the winner is: PS2!

This article came from yahoo videogames and was written by Mike Smith:
"According to official April figures released by the NPD Group, the Playstation 3 found itself beaten out for fifth place by an unusual competitor: its predecessor, the Playstation 2.

Still the boss
A 50% leap in Playstation 2 sales accounts for the surprising change, an increase likely prompted by the system's price cut on April 1, a move which apparently electrified interest in the nine-year old platform.
The PS2's success was probably the only nugget of April sales news to put smiles on the faces of Sony execs. Nintendo platforms continued their lockdown of the top spots, with the Wii coming second and the DS coming both first and third,
But both the Playstation 3 and PSP posted disappointing results, with the PS3 placing sixth with its worst performance in over 18 months, and the PSP limping in seventh with a total of 116,000 sales -- down over 30% on March's numbers.
The news has revitalized persistent rumors of price cuts for Sony's PS3. The system's base model is between $150 and $200 more expensive than its competitors, the Wii and Xbox 360. Industry news site Gamasutra predicts we'll see a $100 cut in the $400 Playstation 3 announced at the E3 video games trade show in Los Angeles in early June.
So if you're contemplating taking the Playstation plunge -- and with top exclusive superhero thriller Infamous just a week away, we're betting some of you are -- you might well want to hold off and wait to see what June has in store"
I have been saying it for years, WAIT UNTIL THEY DROP THE PRICE FOR THAT PS3!!! June is the month!! (one can only hope)

i need suggestions..

It may sound weird coming from a customizer that has made more than 400 customs...but i rarely keep some for me. Yes i have very few of my customs..all i keep are the pics (and videos lately) .

I always wondered what would adora look like in the 2002 style, what would the horsemen would have done...i guess we will never know, so i made this adora and i need some criticism, too much gold? white sleeves? silver ? pouches on her leg? any suggestion will be welcome! send your comments to

Monday, May 18, 2009

and more customs...more x-men more she-ra

Another week another set of customs, since many of the ones i had ready were sold even before they reached the auction aisles of the site, i'm very happy about it (i hate to wait 7 days to see what happens lol!) but nevertheless, magneto has made it there, storm shadow ninja force 25th anniversary, and another Adora.

You can see the auctions here:

I'm readying new customs of new characters i haven't done before (yeah i know, how many she-ras can i make?) i'm also planning on adding a lot of masters universe classics that have gone out of stock, in my store, i'm just trying to find the right supplier (not matty..they only have zodak as of this writing) . they are the best investment one can make cause when they go out of stock their prices sorceress pun intended.
I want to thank all of my customers, who have supported me since i established the site: Bobby, Amy, James, Dave, thank you all!
Well thats it for this post see you soon!

Monday, May 11, 2009

jean grey frenzy!

Another week, another update! since i made the first Jean Grey i have received tons of e-mails about making another one. Well, conmemorating the dvd release of the x-men cartoon (yes folks! the 90's rule!) i made this "cartoon" Jean, sporting the tradittional ponytail she had.

Seller actionfigures123 is hosting the auctions as usual . Watch them here:

Also, for the star wars fans is George lucas in jedi outfit and Jaina solo han's daughter. The joe fans have a resolute sgt slaughter and the she-ra fans have a new (and one of the last) she-ra masters of the universe classics!

I will be also posting some exclusive items for sale this week! so stay tuned!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Keldor is back! Scarlett gets resoluted!

Those who asked me to make a new one can now rejoice! he is up for bids now on ebay. you can go here to watch he auction:

And for

those who love the new G.I.joe resolute animation, here is Scarlett in her resolute uniform, with all the detailing made famous by the cartoon, check also g.i.joe 25th anniversary Albert wesker, janek sunber, a new Gilad Pellaeon, and more. My auctions are being hosted as usual by actionfigures123 on ebay!

Jean grey rocks!

Well who knew, i just got back from an impromptu trip and when i call Lucia she tells me the amount Jean grey sold for...i couldn't be happier, Thank you very much to all who bid on her!
you can see her youtube video here:

Friday, May 1, 2009

youtube customer review

My friend decepticon666 commissioned a Hordak from me a couple of weeks ago and made this cool review (better than the boring ones i make LOL!) I'm truly honored that a customer and a friend thinks that one of my pieces are worth making a review. The cool thing is that he actually saved the pics i sent him regularly when i updated him on the progress of his commission (you can see my messy desk on the background lol!) Thank you so much my friend!!

you can watch the review here: