Monday, May 18, 2009

and more customs...more x-men more she-ra

Another week another set of customs, since many of the ones i had ready were sold even before they reached the auction aisles of the site, i'm very happy about it (i hate to wait 7 days to see what happens lol!) but nevertheless, magneto has made it there, storm shadow ninja force 25th anniversary, and another Adora.

You can see the auctions here:

I'm readying new customs of new characters i haven't done before (yeah i know, how many she-ras can i make?) i'm also planning on adding a lot of masters universe classics that have gone out of stock, in my store, i'm just trying to find the right supplier (not matty..they only have zodak as of this writing) . they are the best investment one can make cause when they go out of stock their prices sorceress pun intended.
I want to thank all of my customers, who have supported me since i established the site: Bobby, Amy, James, Dave, thank you all!
Well thats it for this post see you soon!

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