Monday, May 25, 2009

new customs this week:

Woah "tempus fugit" ..time flies, this week was the shortest i have had ..well i still managed to have several customs to please all fans:
Celes from Final Fantasy 6 thanks to my friend Brent who suggested it. Bow from the she-ra series, fans wanted one in the classics style, mara jade in jedi outfit, for those lovers of the hottest redheaded jedi of the expanded universe (i'm one) Smoke version 2.0 new head ,new guards total awesomenes, x-23 with metallic claws in x-force suit, and finally a female cobra officer for the Joe fans. you can bid on them here:
Of course most of them have videos, at my youtube channel:
Oh and i will be working on several commissions : 2 hordaks and one Jean grey so its going to be a busy week

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