Monday, June 1, 2009

transformers revenge of the fallen toys are here!!

Well since its my birthday i treated myself to the full line of transformers revenge of the fallen toys among other things of course: Italian restaurant dinner in south Florida, strippers and whatnot! (hey who says a guy that deals on toys can't get any girls?)

I also thought about my customers and bought all the figures i could and put them in my store, i will be releasing them as we get closer to the release date of the Film. Remember what happened on 2007 after the first one was released...the toys were harder to find than a pimp daddy destro and supplies were low even until December! so don't stay behind and stock up now!

My store carries limited quantities of stock, that's why i can offer you a top notch service. I aim to be a select service offering a personalized online buying experience.

I also have some more new figures added to my store, and from now on the hunter knight customs store will be carrying the masters of the universe classics line! i have big plans for the store, so check regularly!

You know my speed when delivering your items so for any suggestions comments or customer service contact me at

Thank you and keep checking!

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