Wednesday, June 3, 2009

and here is the reply from Stephanie from auctiva, about the new pricing structure

This was sent to me from Stephanie from auctiva today:
Hi Hunter:

You asked, "Why not provide a plan for a flat monthly fee?" The answer is simple. We have a very large user base, many of whom would pay less than say, a $10 per month flat fee, by using our current pricing structure. Our goals have always been, and will continue to be to provide a selling tool geared towards all size sellers and we believe that our structure helps make Auctiva an affordable solution.

This was definitely a difficult decision for us to make and we worked hard to devise a pricing structure that would be fair to all size sellers. We currently have two plans that have no transaction fees at all. Additionally, we have a $4.95 cap per month on transaction fees for those plans which do carry a charge.

I understand the confusion and frustration of our customers. This is a big change, and with all change, it presents its own share of challenges. We want to make this transition as trouble-free as we can. For our current customers who have the last 60 - 90 days of eBay sales data stored with Auctiva, we've calculated their average usage and once they log into, the pricing tab will provide the most cost-efficient plan for them. Additionally, for those who don't have existing data available, we created the Pricing Calculator to assist with the plan-selection process. And finally, we do have a top-notch customer service team available to provide one-on-one assistance when choosing a plan as well as answer any remaining questions.

The pricing information is a lot to digest. I think it's important for our customers to take a step back and really review their selling practice and evaluate the plans we have available. As I mentioned previously, when the correct plan is selected, many customers will only pay a few dollars per month to continue to utilize the powerful selling tools and fundamental management features.

I hope this provides clarification.

Thank you,


Thank you Stephanie for the clarification, i'm sure the readers appreciate it!

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