Tuesday, June 2, 2009

auctiva is no longer free!! ..alternate sites

As of July of 2009 Auctiva will stop being free! those who know me are aware of the support i have given the site since i joined when i was a greedbay seller. Ebay has eliminated a substantial amount of the revenue Auctiva used to get from their affiliates program (vengeance for auctiva commerce? maybe!) i personally have a hands on experience on how vindictive greedbay can be, but let's leave speculation out of the picture.

Now the fee structure created by Auctiva is sincerely: A COMPLETE MESS! the worst part being the transaction fees, among other charges. with some fees reaching $34 (that's without the transaction fees) With all of the associated Ebay and Paypal fees sellers already have, they will be cutting a substantial amount of profits from those poor ebay sellers ..

The solution: CHARGE A FLAT MONTHLY FEE! period. Auctiva has calculated that only 20% of their current affiliates will leave the site...guess what auctiva: its going to be even more than that!...a rocky road lies ahead for my friends in Chico Ca..

Well but not everything is bad news, i have made some research and here is a list of much better sites, most of them charging beetween 10 to 8 dollars a month , that have unlimited pictures, listing scheduler etc:

http://www.inkfrog.com/ : This site offers you all the feaures from auctiva for $ 9.95 mo. No commitment, pay as you go cancel anytime. They even have a welcome letter for all auctiva users

http://www.sellersourcebook.com/ : this site has monthly, quarterly , and annual subscriptions plan, starting at $8.00 no commitment pay as you go and also a welcome letter for auctiva users

Now for those e-comerce users (like me) there is this site, that unlike auctiva commerce , it charges a monthly fee of $10 or $15 (depending on the plan) and no sales commissions! (hear that auctiva?) plus the 14.99 plan lets you sell digital goods:
http://www.buyitsellit.com/ they are a sister company of inkfrog...very interesting indeed

And as suggested by Helen, here is another alternative:
http://www.vendio.com/ Vendio just launched a special offer for Auctiva customers : FREE for 2009, $10/month for 2010. They are a multichannel platform (meaning it works with not only ebay but amazon, google and more...) and on TOP of that, they have a "robust, full-featured online store" completely free! wow..who knew there were so many alternatives...

Thank you Helen for the info on vendio

Face it people, the days of free auction hosting are gone, but i think is better to pay a flat rate of 10 bucks in average, than to pay extra transaction fees.
I already told Lucia and all of my friends about this, and she will be hosting her auctions on either one of these sites...tough luck auctiva..


Anonymous said...

Hi Hunter:
We've appreciated your support in the past, and hope that before you decide to leave, you'll take a moment to fully grasp our pricing model. Many of our users will only pay a few dollars per month, based on their current sales figures. Additionally, as you know from your past usage, Auctiva has a lot of value-add features that aren't available elsewhere. Thanks, Stephanie

Helen said...

I'd like to suggest to your readers Vendio (www.vendio.com).

Vendio just launched a special offer for Auctiva customers - FREE for 2009, $10/month for 2010.

We are multi-channel ready (eBay, Amazon, Google and more).

On top of all this, we also have a robust, full-featured online store that is completely free (no strings attached).

Hope you include us in your list!

Best regards, Helen