Monday, June 29, 2009

Ebay auctions are back! transformers revenge of the fallen customs masters of the universe star wars and more!

After a few weeks my Ebay auctions return . Seller action figures is my official seller there so check them out here:
I'm also starting to get a handful of commissions and i want to thank my people from youtube and facebook for all the support to my art!
I also have a handful of transformers figures that just arrived to my online store..stock up now! before the craze for the movie makes them impossible to find! (remember 2007 when finding an optimus prime figure was impossible ..they were sold out until christmas!!) check my store here:
And here is a small video made with impressive (now own by me ..hehehe) narrated by Robot Mike about the latest arrivals on my store:

Thank you my friends for all the support!

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