Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reply to Stephanie from Auctiva

Hello Stephanie, thank you for reading my blog, first of all i want you to know that I always supported auctiva, and will continue to support it (I'm a member of the auctiva commerce stores and don't plan to leave anytime soon) what i wanted to point in the past thread, is that the pricing tier is confusing for most members,if only you could shed some light on those transaction fees, i know that my readers will appreciate it.

Why not charge a flat rate monthly fee? you already have the customers, they already know the potential, the tools, the system, the value that auctiva gives to the selling community...don't lose them!

Now as I said I don't plan to leave, I don't sell on ebay, I used to, thats why I know how helpful auctiva was for me, but i have several friends who are now on crossroads about what to choose and i tell you firsthand, that they would rather stay on auctiva than to switch, but only as a flat rate service or if they could understand the pricing.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Hunter:

You asked, "Why not provide a plan for a flat monthly fee?" The answer is simple. We have a very large user base, many of whom would pay less than say, a $10 per month flat fee, by using our current pricing structure. Our goals have always been, and will continue to be to provide a selling tool geared towards all size sellers and we believe that our structure helps make Auctiva an affordable solution.

This was definitely a difficult decision for us to make and we worked hard to devise a pricing structure that would be fair to all size sellers. We currently have two plans that have no transaction fees at all. Additionally, we have a $4.95 cap per month on transaction fees for those plans which do carry a charge.

I understand the confusion and frustration of our customers. This is a big change, and with all change, it presents its own share of challenges. We want to make this transition as trouble-free as we can. For our current customers who have the last 60 - 90 days of eBay sales data stored with Auctiva, we've calculated their average usage and once they log into Auctiva.com, the pricing tab will provide the most cost-efficient plan for them. Additionally, for those who don't have existing data available, we created the Pricing Calculator to assist with the plan-selection process. And finally, we do have a top-notch customer service team available to provide one-on-one assistance when choosing a plan as well as answer any remaining questions.

The pricing information is a lot to digest. I think it's important for our customers to take a step back and really review their selling practice and evaluate the plans we have available. As I mentioned previously, when the correct plan is selected, many customers will only pay a few dollars per month to continue to utilize the powerful selling tools and fundamental management features.

I hope this provides clarification.

Thank you,