Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dc universe classics : ANOTHER PRICE HIKE!!

It seems that this crisis is hitting collectors again, In some wal-marts, the current wave of Dc universe figures is already being sold at 13 dollars before tax! I have been reading that many collectors are leaving their favorite superheroes hanging cause they cannot afford the price hike.

At this rate, we could see less stock of these figures, and this could kill the line faster that darkseid's Omega beams, since some collectors complain about the steep increase... we shall see!

On better news, I want to thank my customers at the hunter knight online store who have been snatching the goodies I got like crazy...forget about king Grayskull..he is SOLD OUT as is everything in the Motu classics line category of my store. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Now for those of you following on Facebook I uploaded a quick custom that is a facebook exclusive only: a dc universe Catwoman Head swap. Easy and quick. She looks much better than that weird.... moustache drag thing, so check her out!
As usual, there are some customs for auction : Skids and the U.S. agent in marvel universe style. You can follow the auctions here:
Oh and I finally got a Motuc Man at arms..wait until you see what i will do with it once it arrives...

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