Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Arrivals to my store: g.i.joe the rise of cobra, king grayskull, transformers and more!

Due to the High amount of support to my store, (thank you for buying transformers from me guys!) I decided to invest a bit more time in her, and using my knowledge on what is collectible and what not, I have stocked my store with the latest most sought after action figures in the market!
To that extent i got a great deal on a king grayskull with one of my providers, transformers, dc universe and soon Matty exclusives will also be sold there, you will be able to buy them separately ...stay tuned!

Also, being the hardcore g.i.joe fan that I am, I have several hard to find figures, I even bribed and associate so he could get me the wave 2 figures of general hawk, helix and more. They are all available at my store's G.I.JOE category.
In addittion, I made a video of the products wich is already in youtube. Its narrated by Robot Mike. You can watch it here :

Also, don't forget to bid on Lucia's auctions, she currently has 3 of my figures for auction:

thank you!

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