Monday, August 3, 2009

more customs today! transformers revenge of the fallen, and roboto!

Back by popular request! I had to cater to the many fans that via youtube asked me to make another sunstreaker, well guess what, is on ebay now at: seller action figures hosts my auctions as usual. Also check her other items, this lady has all the marvel legends nemesis line there!! its a real bargain!

This week i put another transformer too: laserbeak in rotf style! to add to your ravage and soundwave:

also, motu fans can see a Roboto there with my personal touch to it, much more detailed, and ready to kick ass!

In other news...He-ro goes on sale today at matty...I hope I can grab one...and the wonder twins as well..

In another completely unrelated comment, Rebecca needs to have her head checked...she is a facebook pain..

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blog112 said...

nice transformers llove your custom admiral yularan on the tube.