Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More transformers revenge of the fallen bumblebee and sideswipe!

Due to the high demand, and requests from my fans on youtube, I had to make not one but TWO transformers customs this week, Yes! for all the fans here are the favorites: Sideswipe and Bumblebee all decked out with metallic finishes, etc etc ,sideswipe even got the foot covers removed and placed on his back to better resemble his movie incarnation!

For the Motuc fans I present you with my first custom heads for the many of you who bought extra men at arms and wanted to build a small army! and to make things more interesting, I included a DEKKER extra head! he was duncan's and randor's

Mentor in the new show so, you can even have a brand new character!

Marvel universe fans can get my new version of the Red hulk, a more darker , grittier version of my previous one...more universe figures are coming soon!

As usual my auctions are hosted by ebay seller ACTIONFIGURES123 and you can find them here: also check all the rest of their auctions cause they have great deals on dcu, and mattel products!

thanks for reading! until next time!

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