Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Star Wars evolutions 3 packs Wal-mart exclusives arrived at my store

Hey Star wars fans! the star wars wal-mart exclusives are already on sale! in case ist difficult for you to get them, I have them on my store at under the star wars category and also on my Amazon account at:

They are fully poseable and come with a full array of weapons! I really like the Shira Brie female x-wing pilot cause as you know she later becomes Lumiya, who trains Jacen solo in the dark ways of the force, who later kills Mara Jade...sigh..

The detail of the figures is something Hasbro has us accustomed to : SIMPLY GREAT! they also come with several accesories, and they are a great chance to grab favorites like the republic comando Fi Skirata, or the super revamped Imperial Pilot in case you missed them on early releases!

You can find them for a limited time only at my store, at for an introductory price of $24.99 for each set! Hurry cause once they are gone , they will be gone for good! I ship intenationally!

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