Tuesday, October 20, 2009

dc universe classics public enemies wave one at my store!

i was lucky to score this excellent line of figures while at target, they are MUCH better than the prototypes shown at mattel's facebook page, and they all come with the brimstone collect and connect piece, plus a great stand engraved with the "public enemies" logo. if you haven't found them at your local target you can buy them directly from my web store at http://www.vipcollector.com/ under the Dc universe classics category or by clicking on this link: http://vipcollector.com/Dc-universe-classics-PUBLIC-ENEMIES-SUPERMAN-figure-brand-new-P534440.aspx

Hurry! since i'm an exclusive e-tailer i only carry a limited amount of merchandise!
You can also score some of these figures separately on actionfigures123 ebay auctions at: http://tinyurl.com/cc6djv
they will be available today Tuesday october 20th from 6 pm (est) for 5 days only!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The revenge of hordak

Due to the requests i received via my facebook page, and the acceptance previous stories had, i had to make yet another story using some of the customs i have made.
The revenge of Hordak features general sunder , bow and the horde troopers (all custom) plus she-ra being trapped by the Horde's forces.
Its a parody and some people liked the irony and humor. Well, I will let you be the judge. You can see this album via this link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=34185&id=1503733336&l=965704246d you can also see previous stories like "hordak comes back" , "Hordak and the troopers vs the powers of Grayskull" and the prequel to this story: :"she-ra in trouble" its all made for fun, by a fan for the fans. Thank you!

Custom Marvel universe Black cat and last chance to get a horde trooper!

Hello guys, another week has passed and here are some customs i had time to release, cause due to the high volume of commissions i almost have no time for ebay. I hope this week we can fix that, on the meantime basque your eyes on the sexy Felicia Hardy aka "blackcat" in the marvel universe scale, and also for those who missed my horde tropopers here is your LAST chance to get one before they are gone forever! ( i have done so many troopers that i see those things coming at me in my nightmares lol!)

You can see all of these auctions here:
http://tinyurl.com/cc6djv actionfigures123 hosts as usual!

Until next time!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This week: Sorceress comes back, Logan , fantomex and more!

Another week of customs begins and we have: Wolverine origins Logan with REAL metallic claws, for the marvel universe fans, FANTOMEX, one of the figures included in the Hasbro fan poll that didn't made it to the top 3 . this time in marvel universe scale.

For the motu fans SORCERESS yeah, she is in scale with your motuc line and comes with staff.

Finally, for the transformers fans: g1 sideswipe version 2.0 i made him using swerve as a base body but with a sideswipe head.

Also, actionfigures123 has the exclusive dc universe classics 5 pack walmart exclusive sold loose. Sorry about 2 face not being there, but he came defective from the factory (white spots on the jacket, crooked lines, etc etc) and could not be sold like that, so he is in the customs fodder bin.

You can see this and more auctions at actionfigures123 's ebay items here:
Don't forget to check my store at www.vipcollector.com for more action figures, I have the human alliance skids and mikaela, matty exclusives etc etc! so check it out as well!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

This week: blue psylocke, general sunder, soundwave and more!

Another week begins with new customs. Due to the success of the first universe psylocke, I made another one , this time in her blue Jim Lee era outfit. For the masters of the universe classics lovers, you get General Sunder, and for those who missed the horde trooper, you get another chance! i made a different version with improved horde emblems.
Transformers fans can bid on SOUNDWAVE in revenge of the fallen style.
You can see more of this and other auctions on actionfigures123 on ebay here: http://tinyurl.com/cc6djv this lady is always bringing insane deals on ebay on current figures . Don't forget to check my store at www.vipcollector.com for more toys and action figures!
I almost forgot, I also brought back another fan classic on ebay : the red Hulk in universe style: