Sunday, October 4, 2009

This week: blue psylocke, general sunder, soundwave and more!

Another week begins with new customs. Due to the success of the first universe psylocke, I made another one , this time in her blue Jim Lee era outfit. For the masters of the universe classics lovers, you get General Sunder, and for those who missed the horde trooper, you get another chance! i made a different version with improved horde emblems.
Transformers fans can bid on SOUNDWAVE in revenge of the fallen style.
You can see more of this and other auctions on actionfigures123 on ebay here: this lady is always bringing insane deals on ebay on current figures . Don't forget to check my store at for more toys and action figures!
I almost forgot, I also brought back another fan classic on ebay : the red Hulk in universe style:

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