Tuesday, November 24, 2009

US agent, Horde troopers are back plus marvel legends scarlet spider, x-force wolvie and x-23 in the universe line and more!

The season id barely begining and i have several orders!
i want to thank all of my customers!
Now for this week we have all time favorites back like the marvel universe us agent and the horde troopers! , this time not one BUT 2! yes! as a limited time offer before they become exclusives at my store www.vipcollector.com!
Due to an overwhelming request via facebook and yoitube, i made scarlet spiderman again! this time in the marvel legends scale!
Also. a new version of Jean Grey is available with a different Hair sculpt!
You can catch these auctions and lots more cool products at actionfigures123 auctions on ebay here: http://tinyurl.com/cc6djv
Also on my store you can buy the exclusive dc universe classics public enemies President lex luthor and dr mid-nite on the custom action figures category.
Check back often as new merchandise is added daily!
here is the vid for prez luthor:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bumblebee is back! cyclops, msytique and more this week on ebay

Heello again! as we get ready for the upcoming christmas season i brought you this figures ..and

and trust me...its just the beginnging!

For my Masters of the universe fans i brought you Batros version 2.0 , this version is inspired by the cartoon looks, unlike my previous version which had a more 2002 style.

For the marvel universe fans, i got you Mystique, in a more updated outfit, complete with gun. Gotta say that i wasn't expecting such welcome with universe customs, but if people want them i will keep making them.

Marvel legends fans get CYCLOPS in Jim Lee style outfit, on a much more accurate and buff looks, i really like the way he turned out. He is fully poseable and has been worked to avoid paint rub
Now for my transformers fans, i brought back Bumblebee, since many fans where asking me to resissue him.., well perseverance and a bit of luck paid off (i couldn't find a bumblebee base)
You can catch all of these and more auctions (like the toys r us g.i.joe exclusive 5 pack sold individually) at actionfigures123's ebay auctions at: http://tinyurl.com/cc6djv
Here is the video for bumblebee:

Monday, November 9, 2009

this week: custom marvel universe wolverine, gambit, motuc dekker lady jaye red alert and more!

What a busy week! i want to thank all of you who bid on my custom sea hawk last week..i never thought it could go that high! thank you all so much!

Now for this week, i have been prepping several new customs and all time favorites. for those of you who missed out on my custom lady jaye in movie style she is back with a few extras like her belt and tradittional gun. Her head can be swapped with the scarlett one so you can have her in her reactive impact armor looks too!

Also, for those of you who missed on my marvel universe gambit, HE IS BACK! this time has a different set of kinetic charged cards , plus the extras that you loved from the first one: sculpted collar, weathered jacket and a much stiffer staff (that sounded weird) cause the one that he includes, comes bent straight from the package...something that has had many fans rambling about this figure. well ramble no more! here he is in all of his accurate comic book glory!.

Another marvel universe that i took on was Wolverine! yes i wanted to give the figure (again) a more comic book accurate look. so i decided to define his muscles in orange, gave him a nice set of metallic claws , and also an alternate unmasked head that was cast from the other figure, so you don't have to buy another one! he includes his sword (dunno for what but is there) and a lot of bad attitude bub!
For my motu fans another chance to get Dekker this time in all of his unmasked glory...i'm warming up for waht will be the final motuc customs of the YEAR! trust me, you will be impressed!
and finally, for my transformers fans Red alert in his revenge of the fallen style!
You can catch this and more auctions at actionfgures123's ebay auctions here:
This lady got a hold of really nice stuff there too (besides my customs of course)
Until next week!

Monday, November 2, 2009

new customs this week: motuc Sea hawk, marvel legends x-force wolverine scarlet spderman and more!

What a busy week, with all of the halloween preparations and parties i don't know how i managed to complete so many customs (and commissions) this week, but somehow i made it!

Anyway, this week you have x-force wolverine in all of his glory, this new version has better paint apps, metallic claws and an extra interchangeable unmasked head!

X-23 was a commission for a friend in the Uk so she won't be available for auctions only commissions.

For my masters of the universe classics fans, i completed Sea hawk! so your upcoming adora figure won't be so lonely when she comes out this January at http://www.mattycollector.com/

And due to an overwhelming demand, I made the scarlet spider in the marvel universe scale, this version has some subtle changes over my first one, the paint is smoother, less glossier, and the pockets belong to a g.i.joe 25th anniversary scarlett rather than a sculpt . This and many more auctions can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/cc6djv