Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bumblebee is back! cyclops, msytique and more this week on ebay

Heello again! as we get ready for the upcoming christmas season i brought you this figures ..and

and trust me...its just the beginnging!

For my Masters of the universe fans i brought you Batros version 2.0 , this version is inspired by the cartoon looks, unlike my previous version which had a more 2002 style.

For the marvel universe fans, i got you Mystique, in a more updated outfit, complete with gun. Gotta say that i wasn't expecting such welcome with universe customs, but if people want them i will keep making them.

Marvel legends fans get CYCLOPS in Jim Lee style outfit, on a much more accurate and buff looks, i really like the way he turned out. He is fully poseable and has been worked to avoid paint rub
Now for my transformers fans, i brought back Bumblebee, since many fans where asking me to resissue him.., well perseverance and a bit of luck paid off (i couldn't find a bumblebee base)
You can catch all of these and more auctions (like the toys r us g.i.joe exclusive 5 pack sold individually) at actionfigures123's ebay auctions at:
Here is the video for bumblebee:

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