Monday, November 9, 2009

this week: custom marvel universe wolverine, gambit, motuc dekker lady jaye red alert and more!

What a busy week! i want to thank all of you who bid on my custom sea hawk last week..i never thought it could go that high! thank you all so much!

Now for this week, i have been prepping several new customs and all time favorites. for those of you who missed out on my custom lady jaye in movie style she is back with a few extras like her belt and tradittional gun. Her head can be swapped with the scarlett one so you can have her in her reactive impact armor looks too!

Also, for those of you who missed on my marvel universe gambit, HE IS BACK! this time has a different set of kinetic charged cards , plus the extras that you loved from the first one: sculpted collar, weathered jacket and a much stiffer staff (that sounded weird) cause the one that he includes, comes bent straight from the package...something that has had many fans rambling about this figure. well ramble no more! here he is in all of his accurate comic book glory!.

Another marvel universe that i took on was Wolverine! yes i wanted to give the figure (again) a more comic book accurate look. so i decided to define his muscles in orange, gave him a nice set of metallic claws , and also an alternate unmasked head that was cast from the other figure, so you don't have to buy another one! he includes his sword (dunno for what but is there) and a lot of bad attitude bub!
For my motu fans another chance to get Dekker this time in all of his unmasked glory...i'm warming up for waht will be the final motuc customs of the YEAR! trust me, you will be impressed!
and finally, for my transformers fans Red alert in his revenge of the fallen style!
You can catch this and more auctions at actionfgures123's ebay auctions here:
This lady got a hold of really nice stuff there too (besides my customs of course)
Until next week!

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