Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The dreaded dc universe classics wave ten...

Now you won't see me posting much about regular figures, but this is something that needs to be said.
After many nights hunting for the dreaded dc univers classics wave 10 figures, I finally found them at wal-marts that were not so "local" mind you, but rather far as hell from my city's wal-marts. Despite affirmations of having "increased the number of orders" placed for this wave, the fact is simple: IT WASN'T ENOUGH!

I probably spent more on gas, energy drinks, and late night snacks (yes i hunted them at night around at 12:00 Am til 6 pm ...) i would have spent much less buying them from some ebay seller.

I live in sunrise Fl, I drove to Boynton Beach, then to friggin Kendall to find these little suckers, raiding more than 23 wal-marts on the way, that were supposedly "eligible to carry this kinds of collectibles" and only 3! (yes people only 3 out of 23 stores!) had them. The joy of collecting became bitter and bitter..not to mention I was almost robbed on a Miami gardens Walmart.
Despite all my efforts i wasn't able to find man-bat so i had to buy it on ebay adding to the frustration . I mean i usually love the thrill of the hunt but this is ridiculous! what is up Mattel? Many collectors are opting out of this line cause they simply cannot find any product! all my local targets carry wave 6 figures to date! your distribution must be really messed up!
Don't get me wrong, the sculpt on the figures is great! the best so far , but i think they should be available to more public without having to spend entire nights driving through 23 stores. where is the love for collectors? where is the "increased number" of orders?
Most associates at Wal-mart where completely incompetent to help me. When asked about the fabled wave, they said things like : "wheezy universal? must be on the shampoo aisle" or "what is on the floor is what we got" or "we do not pick our merchandise, it all comes from corporate"
Now i hope that after this fumble, we do not see ANY wal-mart special waves please, the fans had enough. Now Mattel, you owe me 2 full gas tanks, 7 NOS energy drinks, One breakfast at Sergio's (a cuban restaurant inside of a Hialeah gardens Walmart) and a bottle of Tylenol for the headache you just caused me.

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