Tuesday, December 22, 2009

new customs this week: General Hordak, Mary Jane, new x-men Cyclops , and Marvel Universe Dazzler

Ho Ho Ho is that time of the year again! here are some of the last customs of this 2009 .
As seen on "the secret of the sword" i made this unique "general Hordak" complete with kidnapped baby Adora.
After the Mattel fiasco of Dec 15th i must admit that my faith in that company's website has been diminished quite a bit. As of this posting I still haven't received King Randor, Goddess and other figures I ordered (but my card HAS been charged)
I used to include little flyers that promoted the website, in the shipments of my store, from now on, I will NOT include any flyers that promote Matty collector. Why? their customer service, the crashed servers, the lack of product, etc etc thank you for my ulcer "CRAPPYCOLLECTOR"!

Well ahem! lets forget abouth the bile now. For the universe fans, i made Dazzler, she is fully articulable and poseable...now if only i had made longshot...

Another fan favorite returns, this time is new x-men Cyclops but to differentiate him from my 2008 figure, this one features a removable "optic Blast" so you can pose him dynamically with your other x-men figures!

Now in the spirit of christmas, I made another Mary Jane, ( I made an early version around June i believe) this time with a removable fabric hat , that can also be interchanged with other figures from the line (as well as other 6 inch figures) as you can see in the pics. You can catch this and more figures , like the newest jlu 6 pack and 3 packs at actionfigures123's auctions on ebay here: http://tinyurl.com/cc6djv

Its been a great year for customs! thank you all for your great support! and Merry Christmas!

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