Sunday, November 21, 2010

Custom GALVATRON, Motuc VEENA, Universe SILVER SABLE, and Dcuc SORANIK NATU all this week!

Hello guys, HKC here with another round of plastic awesomeness!

This week I'm proud to present a figure that took me almost a month to create: VEENA, King Grayskull's wife! A fan acclaimed character that by the looks of it, we might not see in official figure form due to the darned copyrights.

Now most of my customers know that I usually take 2 weeks to make a figure, but this one was really a challenge, plus it had a ton of sculpting...Well not as much as another motuc female I'm working on ...but I'm not saying anything hehe...

For the Transformer fans, GALVATRON comes to dominate your shelf in the awesome style of the War For Cybertron videogame, featuring a brand new head and chest sculpt. The tyrant of Cybertron, never looked so good!

Next up, is the acclaimed SORANIK NATU, the neurosurgeon of the Green lantern corps, and Sinestro's daughter. She is another fan requested figure according to a recent poll, sadly she lost, and won't be getting an official figure anytime soon. So here is your chance to own one, complete with an official DCUC stand, and green plasma burst construct. (It can also be used on your Katma Tui figure).

Last but not least, SILVER SABLE, one of my favorite Marvel characters of the 90's complete with her silver gun!

Silver Sable has received very little love in action figure form. The last one we got (that I'm aware of) is the Toy Biz "Spider Wars" one with very little articulation in 1997. I liked her tough attitude and sexy demeanor so much, that I used her a lot in my novel "The Dark Era" A book I wrote back in the 90's.

Now the Universe version I made, condenses all the styles I saw in the comics, and makes this one of a kind figure a true piece, for any 90's comic book lover!

As usual, you can bid on all of these figures and more, on actionfigures123's Ebay auctions here:

Until next week!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MTV geek interviewes Hunter Knight Customs!

Hello guys, I'm very proud to announce that MTV Geek has interviewed me about all of my work in the movie and toy industry!

From the movie Sex Drive, to the work I have done with several custom toy lines, as well as how I started in my native Peru, it's all there!

I want to thank my friends, my customers, my youtube viewers and everybody that helped make HKC what it is now and specially Lemonjuicemcgee for making this interview possible. You can follow him on twitter at:!/lemonjuicemcgee

And don't forget to follow MTV Geek on Twitter at:!/MTVGeek

Also this week, I have posted several customs on Ebay: Masters of the Universe classics Hordebot, the horde trooper commander, it even has an origin story on youtube, featuring the most infamous bounty Hunter in the galaxy, so don't miss them:

On the legends side, the ever popular ninja Psylocke comes with her X-force outfit complete with high heels and some "augmentations". For the Marvel Universe lovers, we have ELEKTRA, one of the best face sculpts I have done for such a tiny line. Celebrating the return of Batman Beyond to tvs thanks to the HUB Network, I made this dc universe classics Custom Terry McGinnis in full civilian outfit, complete with mask and batarang. A true collector's piece for that Batman beyond fan!

Last but not least, for the transformers line, NEMESIS PRIME in all of his War for Cybertron glory complete with dual cannons that can be interlocked and form a devastating weapon! One of the finest pieces I have ever done for the Transformers line.

Don't miss this awesome figures going on Ebay now:

Until next week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This week: Custom War for Cybertron Megatron, Marvel Universe Professor Xavier and Scarlet Spiderman, and Marvel Legends Black cat

Hey guys! This week I have some new figures on the auction block: First is The awesome custom war For Cybertron MEGATRON, completely redecoed, with a much more in-game accurate colors: Metallic rust effects, silvers oils splatters and more! a figure no transformers fan should pass on this guy!

Next up are 2 of my favorite Marvel characters for the Universe style: Scarlet spiderman, a reissue of my previous versions but with different color applications, they are darker and more in tune with a marvel legends version of him. And second Professor X , the founder of the X-men makes his debut in the universe line with this awesome custom action figure! he is fully poseable, and stands on its own.

And for the Legends fans, they return with Black Cat! The femme fatale of Spidey's rogue's gallery is sure to bring sexy back with this awesome figure in all of her 6 inch glory!

As usual you can catch all of this auctions and more on my official seller actionfigures123 on Ebay:

My Mortal Kombat fans should not despair, I have been working on several characters in the last weeks, they took a while cause they required a lot of brand new sculpting, casting and whatnot, but the fan favorites are sure to hit Ebay soon. Just be patient fellas!

Also, if you are thinking on commissioning figures for christmas, the time to put in your orders is NOW! I already have dozens of orders in, and would like to plan my work ahead since the Christmas season is the busiest for all of us who are in the Toy Industry, so start rolling your orders early to avoid any delays!
Until the next post!

Monday, September 27, 2010

This week: custom marvel Universe Mary jane, Transformers Hubcap, Motuc Trap-Jaw and Thalia al ghul

This week continuing the animated line, I have Thalia Al ghul and as a bonus , you get her father as well! Thalia's outfit has been painted black to resemble her appeareance in the Adventures of Batman, while Ra's has been given a metallic look on his armor. Both come with weapons!

For the Marvel Universe line, we have MARY JANE, in her 90's look as she appeared in the Spiderman cartoon of Fox Kids. She comes complete with her stand, file and dog. She also has a completely new face sculpt!

For the masters of the Universe, TRAP-JAW in a Filmation inspired Deco with custom crossbow arm! Finally, Transformerd Hubcap with real car paint ! You can catch these and more on actionfigures123's auctions on Ebay here:

Check the videos I made of them on youtube:

Monday, September 20, 2010

This week: Custom animated Grimlock In Takara style, Snake Hunter Man-at-arms, Animated Commissioner Gordon and Marvel universe White Phoenix!

Hey guys, another week here with more custom
goodness. somehow, out of my uber busy schedule, I managed to squeeze in 4 customs this week!
First is a repaint of the animated grimlock, in the Takara/Tommy style. I used the same color palette of the imported one, but added tons more details, including a full repaint of the grey areas using gun metal silver from Games workshop, then more outlines, etc etc. They are subtle details but you would miss them if they were not there.
Second on the lineup, is the Snake hunter Man-at-arms in Masters of the Universe classics style, with combat worn armor as if he had been in a thousand battles against the snakemen.

This figure has TONS of detailing on his armor, several shades of metallic paints, rust effects, scuffs, blast shots, scars etc! you have to really see this figure in person to appreciate the level of detail.

On top of that, this figure comes with 3 alternate heads! an unhelmeted one in the style of the 2002 cartoon, a battle damaged/wounded one with scars and scuffs, and the regular one.

All in all, its a great and unique figure to add to any masters of the universe classics collection. If Mattel were to ever release one, it would have a clean look, as that seems to be the visual style of the line, plus with the upcoming release of King HSS, this figure will fit nicely with your collection!

Next up is an old school figure that with just a few paints looks fresh and brand new: Commissioner Gordon from the batman animated series. in cartoon accurate looks! you can check his video here:

Last but not least, the universe line seems like Juggernaut: UNSTOPPABLE! here is my take on Jean Grey as the white Phoenix, complete with a custom "Phoenix force" wall mountable stand.
You can catch all these awesome figures on Ebay here: Until next week!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Custom Motuc Lord Masque, G.i.joe Xamot and Tomax in business suits and Marvel Universe Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver

Hey guys, another week here with more of that plastic addiction!

This week we have LORD MASQUE for the Masters Of the Universe classics line. This figure I must say is one of the finest I have made, I listened to several suggestions via my Facebook page, and here is one! he features a unique fabricated Staff made only for this figure, so if you commission it after the auction is finished, the staff will be different to what is shown here.

Next up, are the twins of evil! Xamot and Tomax are back in their business suits to syphon money to fund the illegal operations of Cobra! this auction is for BOTH of them so don't miss out!

Last but not least, another set of twins: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch! The sons of the evil Magneto crash the Ebay auction block in the shape of this awesome Marvel universe figures!

Bid on them on actionfigures123's Ebay auctions here: My official seller on the bay.

Now I have been getting several e-mails from my Youtube viewers: Why no more Mortal Kombat figures? Why only Motuc and Marvel Universe? Well the answer is simple: I'M BUSY!

My main income comes from commissions and I have the table Full. Most of the figures that went on Ebay on the past weeks were made while I was in New Mexico when I had the spare time.
But fear not, I still have a whole set of unpainted MK figures and Transformers, Tekken etc etc. An update will be coming soon on this blog about an upcoming Mk character that needed tons of original sculpt...nothing can prepare you...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This week: Custom Uncle Montork, Kitty Pryde and more!

Hello guys, back this week with more of that plastic goodness

This week, for the masters of the universe classics line, I have UNCLE MONTORK as seen on the episode 'Orko's favorite uncle" of the classic cartoon. He comes with wand, stand and book. You can watch his video on youtube here:

For the universe line, I made another fan favorite: Kitty Pryde on her ultimate uniform, along with her pet pal Lockheed. She includes a stand and file. Watch her video here:

Next up, a reissue of Mary Jane and Lex Luthor in his bussiness suit.

You can catch all of these figures this week at actionfigures123 's Ebay auctions:
Until next time!

Mattel anuncia: "el estilo 200X y su interpretacion estan retirados" no mas accesorios con temas 200X para motu classics

Por "Chris "Hunter" Diaz

En una movida que para algunos fans es controversial, en Agosto 14 el manager de
marcas de Mattel, Scott "Toyguru" Neitlich, anuncio que el estilo 200X para la linea masters of the universe classics ha sido "retirado"

En un comunicado en el foro oficial de Matty Collector, Neitlich anuncio que los administradores de Mattel han decidido descontinuar los "elementos hiper detallados" por los que la linea 200X fue conocida, de la linea actual, ya que ese estilo e interpretacion estan "retirados"

A esto agregaron que las cabezas extra que venian en los classics seran tambien retiradas debido a los altos costos de produccion y que solo las haran cuando sea necesario y no para homenagear al estilo hecho famoso por Mike Young Productions en la serie animada del 2002.

Aunque no se ha dado mas informacion sobre el tema, la especulacion se ha comenzado a surgir entre los muchos foros de fans de la linea: "esto significa que no veremos personajes como Evilseed?" ,"que hay sobre los accesorios?", "aun tendremos armas en estilo 200X?"

Esta y mas preguntas tienen iracundos a los fans: " Nos hacen sentir como leprosos solo porque nos gusta el estilo 200X" declaro un rabido fan en los posts de Matty Collector en Facebook.

Este humilde customizador es tambien un coleccionista, y mientras respeto el origen clasico de la linea, nunca fui fan de ella, yo no veia el dibujo animado, ni mucho menos coleccionaba los juguetes. Solo vi uno que otro episodio de She-ra, porque lo daban antes de mi dibujo animado favorito: "Thundercats"

El dibujo del 2002 es lo que me trajo a He-man, el "estilo hiper detallado" fue la cereza en la torta que me atrajo a ella. Como customizador, para mi fue muy divertido comparar los juguetes viejos y atrasados de los ochenta versus los estilos realistas y super detallados creados por los 4 caballos (the 4 horsemen, creadores de los juguetes del 2002 y de los classics) y matarme de la risa preguntandome "como alguien podia jugar con esto?? ...jajaja"

Al parecer, la ultima carcajada fue de Mattel.

Despues de toda la alharaca que hicieron en el dvd de la tercera temporada de la serie 2002,
felicitandose por lo bien que se veia la "nueva interpretacion" de la linea, y los elogios casi mesianicos a los 4 caballos por sus esculturas y el rol pivotal que tuvieron en re-imaginar la linea, ahora sin mas ni mas, la retiran, solo para continuar con el uso simplista de el mismo cuerpo y moldes para cien mil personajes una y otra vez.

Entiendo que esta decision se deba a la ansia de cortar costos, y tambien a la famosa filosofia ochentera de Mattel de "generar la mayor cantidad de ganancia con la menor inversion posible" por lo cual re-usan los moldes, pero como fans de la serie del 2002, no nos gusta ser tratados como "stinkors" (el personaje apestoso de los secuaces de Skeletor) solo porque Mattel no va a poder re-usar el molde que hicieron para el Conde Marzo (y dios sabe que de alguna forma, lo van a hacer) para incrementar sus ganancias.

Hay formas de generar ganancias sin decepcionar a los compradores Mister Neitlich, y nosotros, los fans del "estilo-super-hiper-animado-que-ahora-esta-retirado" estamos -de hecho- muy decepcionados. Digale eso a los "administradores"

Puedes leer la nota original del senior Neitlich en los foros de Matty aqui (texto en ingles):

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mattel announces: " 200X style and interpretation retired " no more 200X extra heads for Motuc

By Chris "Hunter" Diaz

In a move that seems controversial for some fans, on August 14th Mattel's brand manager Scott "Toyguru" Neitlich announced that the 200X style for the Masters of the Universe classics line was "retired"

On a post on the Matty collector forums, Neitlich stated that the management at Mattel had asked them to retire the "Hyper detailed elements" of the 200X line from the current classics line, since "that look and interpretation was retired"

He added that 200x extra heads will be pulled back due to high costs in production, and will only do so when needed, and not to pay homage to the famous MYP cartoon, like they did with the Whiplash figure released last Monday 16th.

While no more information has been provided, speculation has started to run among the many fan forums of the line: "Does this mean we won't see any more characters like Evil seed?", "What about the weapons?", " do we still get 200X styled weapons?"

This and more questions has fans raving about the decision: "makes us feel like they are treating us 200X fans like disease" stated one fan, at the many Facebook rants about the decision.

This humble customizer is also a collector, and while I respect the classic origin of the line, I was never a fan of it, never watched the cartoon as a kid, nor collected the toys. I only watched a few episodes of She-ra cause they aired them before my favorite cartoon: "Thundercats"

200X is What got me into He-man. The "hyper detailed" looks were the awesomeness that drew me in. As a designer it was really fun to compare the crappy 80's toys Vs the new horsemen re-designed 200X line and laugh: " How come people could play with these? ...LOL!"

Guess the joke was on me.

After all the fuzz Mattel made in the dvd release of season 3 of the MYP cartoon (you can see it on disc 3) speaking about "how cool the new interpretation was" and the kudos they gave the horsemen for their sculpts and hard work re-designing the line, they now "retire" the "interpretation" going back to the simplistic re-use of molds time and time again.

I understand that this is done due to costs, and Mattel's famous 80's motto of "making the most profit without having to do a lot of investment " hence re-using every single mold, but as fans we feel that just because we prefer the 200X line, we should not be treated like "stinkors" cause we like the hyper-detailed-anime-style-that-is-now-retired, Just beacuse you can't re-use Count Marzo's mold, (god knows you will somehow) to get more profit.

There are ways to profit without disappointing fans Mr. Neitlich, and us the loyal 200X fans are in fact, disappointed. Please tell that to the "management"

You can read the original post by Mr. Neitlich on the Matty forums here:

Monday, August 2, 2010

This week: Admiral Scurvy, Marvel legends Ms Marvel (moonstone) and jedi master Lesthar Darek

Hello guys, I have been extremely busy this week, however I managed to finish some customs for Ebay:
Admiral Scurvy for the masters of the universe classics line, in the same style as he appeared in the episode "anchors aloft" of the She-ra series. He comes complete with sword, and pet cat. Scurvy is the arch nemesis of Adora's sweetheart Sea Hawk, and will stop at nothing to trap the pirate.
Next, is moonstone Ms. marvel in a secondary outfit,a bit different than my first one. She is fully posable and playable.
And finally, my first ever all original Star Wars character: Jedi Master Lesthar Darek, a chiss same as Admiral Thrawn.
Since I haven't seen many Chiss jedis, I wanted to add up this figure, he is fully playable and poseable.
I made a video for him. Stay tuned at the end of it:

As usual, you can find this auctions on ebay here:

Monday, July 26, 2010

AUCTIONS ARE BACK! this week: custom James Bond, Jubilee, Daredevil shadowland and more!

Hello guys! It has been a while since i got an entry, that is cause I have been working hard on commissions since I came back from my New Mexico trip, and haven't really had time for the auction block.

That being said, Its been 2 weeks since I have returned to Florida and I finally had the time to put some figures for auction!

First off is JUBILEE in her second outfit seen in the 90's x-men cartoon, She has been requested several times and now she is here!

Next up, is everyone's favorite super spy, JAMES BOND with the all new likeness of Daniel Craig, seen in movies like casino royale and quantum of solace (my favorites so far) he is fully poseable and playable and comes with 2 guns....Duke on the other hand is there just for comarison purposes hehe.

On the Marvel Legends side, we have SHADOWLAND DAREDEVIL, a fan requested figure. I worked really hard on his joints so they won't chip when you pose him. I'm really proud of this figure, and its up for auction now!
As for my other lines, worry not, I'm still working on Masters of the Universe (more now that I have seen the disappointing figures on SDCC... Filmation characters are still out of the table) Mortal Kombat gets rebooted with more fan requested FEMALE characters, and after listening to many Trans Fans I will return with some transformers and old G1 requested characters! so the rest of 2010 looks really promising!
Just in case, for those who keep asking I DO take commissions (its my bread and butter folks!) so yeah you can use the "contact us" link on my website or my facebook page etc
As usual Ebay seller actionfigures123 is still my official seller, you can bid on this figures here: and the figure's videos on my youtube channel: Until next week folks!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello guys!

Hey guys, just a quick update on what i'm doing now. I'm still in new mexico, but on the meantime I have been taking commissions and preparing some ultra cool figures for Ebay when I get back to Florida.

I have also been doing some custom figures for my store like the scuccubus, James Bond, pet Cub Cringer, and the batlle damaged Faker head. They won't last since I have made a few only!

Also wanted to let you know that my friend Joe Amaro has a new blog! Yeah you can follow it here: He is one of the few customizers that actually got a job in the toy industry, he creates figures almost from scratch! using barely the joint discs from other figures! check his latest Imp figure, you will be amazed!

I leave you here with the video of the topless Succubus from castlevania, is available now for a limited time at my store:

Monday, May 24, 2010

This Week: I'm off! lol no, seriously I'm off!

Hello guys , Where are the customs? Well, I will be taking at least a month off from the Ebay auctions, cause I have TONS of commissions that need to be finished, but I will be back on July with a whole new batch !

My youtube channel will still be updated with videos. I have tons of material to edit, mostly from past commissions (some ranging even from March!) I will also be visiting New Mexixco next week! ...I was in dire need of a break!

Here I leave you with the latest video of a Marvel Legends Jubilee, a commission made last month for My friend Jomanyi on youtube:

Monday, May 17, 2010

tons of stuff this week! Kick ass legends size, battle damaged iron man Mark V, Angel, Mk smoke, sw gavin Darklighter!

Woah! this week I was a busy guy! (next one is no different) I have several customs for everyone!

First off is Kick Ass, after the succes the Marvel Universe one had, tons of people wrote me asking me to make a 6 inch version of him, well here it is! It took me a while cause I wanted to make things different and wanted to make them right.

Kick ass has the straightest lines I have ever seen on a custom. Each line is made of styrene and was glued one by one, the corners were sealed with apoxie and then sanded, then carefully checked to make sure they do not interfere with the articulation.

He is also on scale, many other figures just use a regular 6 inch male base , when he is a TEEN thus, should be smaller. That's why I used a Kid Flash figure. His joints have been worked to withstand posing and play. Overall a GREAT figure.

Next is my battle damaged Iron man Mark V figure painstakingly detailed to look exactly the way he did during the attack of Whiplash. Every gash, cut, scratch, has been faithfully re-created on this figure that will go great with your upcoming WHIPLASH figure from Hasbro, due later in the season!

For the Mortal Kombat Lovers, a sought after request: SMOKE in his ninja outfit. fully poseable and playable ..beware may DRILL your other figures!

(to see what i'm talking about watch his youtube video here: )

Continuing with the Star Wars line of characters, here is GAVIN DARKLIGHTER complete with blaster and removable helmet. Gavin is Biggs Darklighter's younger cousin that joined Rogue Squadron shortly after his cousin's death.
Last but not least is my Marvel Universe ANGEL figure in his pre-horsemen looks back when he was just Warren Worthington. I received lots of compliments about the wings, they belong to a Dc infinite heroes Hawkman, they were then given the Marvel Legends treatment: a wash of black, a drybrush of light gray, and another one of Skull White, and presto!
I have a ton of commissions regarding the masters of the universe, plus since today is Mattypocalypse day (Tytus comes out....had they made more than ten??) I didn't wanted to stress the motuc lovers wallets so I just made a cool looking 200X sword accesory to go along with your King Grayskull. This is not the cheap plastic one they gave us on the weapons pack, this is the one that came with man at arms, it has been given a more vibrant metallic green. Plus, I completed the areas that Mattel didn't painted.
Due to quality control issues, the skin colored Faker head has been postponed..(I didn't liked the skin color) so until I get it right i won't be auctioning it
Catch all of these auctions here:
Until next are coming sooon!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

This week: Custom Iron man 2 MARK VI 6 inch tall with light up chest and Marvel girl universe

The iron man movie frenzy is ON!! and to cope with this thirst for Iron men figures, here is my humble 6 inch tall Iron man mark VI complete with light up chest, interchangeable Tony Stark head, and repulsor blasts that can go either on his feet or hands, and tons of intrincate detail!

This figure took me a whole week to be made, hence I only had the time to make 2 figures for the auctions, (blame it on Tony lol!)

Next up is Marvel girl, yes! Jean Grey in her famous outfit , back qhen they had to fight the imperial Shi'ar guard on the moon. She is a great addition to your Universe line, specially with the cyclops that came in the Hulk 2 pack!

Well thats it for this week you can catch these auctions on Ebay here: are coming...I sure need them!

Monday, May 3, 2010

New this week: Custom Mortal Kombat RAIN motuc EVIL-LYN star wars allegiance MARA JADE and marvel universe X-23

Hey guys, Hunter here with more of that plastic addiction, this week I have ready for you an accurate depiction of Skeletor's main squeeze: Evil Lyn in her accurate cartoon style, complete with her accesories, cape, real skin color, and a different sculpt on her leotard. Gotta say that she is one of the finest customs I have made so far, related to the "cartoon accurate" line.
Next for the Mortal Kombat fans, is RAIN. This new version features tons of articulation, new shoulder sculpts and a lot of bad attitude! check the video I made for him on youtube here:
Also this week , is an inspiration of mine; X-23 in a stealth operations suit , complete with metallic claws and tons of articulation. I used a g.i.joe base figure for her since they are more dynamic than the regular universe ladies.
And last but not least MARA JADE my favorite expanded universe character, this time in her "star wars allegiance" suit. I know I haven't put many Star Wars figures lately, but I will try and have more room for them, as well as g.i.joe. Check her video here (stay tuned at the end):
You can find these and more auctions (like the iron Man Tech armors from toys r us) on action figures123's ebay auctions here:
Until next time!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

all hail the queens! this week custom Goblin queen, Queen marlena and Marvel legends X-MAN

Hello guys, This week I have a few customs I want to share with you all. First off is QUEEN MARLENA , back by popular demand and this time in her TRUE Filmation colors. She comes with her ruling staff, acrylic faceted jewels on the belt, etc. With the official launch of Prince adam on July, this will be the only figure you need to complete your Royal Family display!
Then, for the Marvel Universe lovers, comes this classic character: THE GOBLIN QUEEN, the clone of Jean grey has all the detail and sexyness that made her such a popular character in the 80's. Complete with fabric cape (to not hinder articulation) Is fully poseable and playable.
And next, is this forgotten x-men of the 90's X-MAN the offspring of Jean Grey and Scott Summers from the age of Apocalypse comes for the first time in legends size.
You can catch this and more auctions at action figures 123's Ebay auctions here: and also, don't forget to visit my store for the latest Iron man figures here:
Thanks and Until next week!

Monday, April 19, 2010

new customs this week: marvel legends Iron Patriot,

When I made my marvel universe iron Patriot, i received tons of requests to make the same figure in Legends size, well after a couple of weeks, here it is! Norman Osborn in all of its Patriot suit complete with interchangeable head and boosters!

What makes this figure a bit special is that this is the first custom that I had to disassemble completely to spare parts to work on the joints so they don't chip the paint when articulated.

All customizers know that the Movie Iron man figures are KING when it comes to paint chip on the pelvic area and are a nightmare to work on when they are not disassembled. Well here, I took the job and dremeled down every joint and voila! no more paint chip, you can articulate it, play with it etc etc IT WON"T CHIP! you can check the video here and see for yourself:

For the Masters of the universe classics lovers, here is Hordak's nephew and son of Horde Prime: Prince Zed
in accurate scale with the universe line.
He first appeared in the episode " the peril of the whispering woods" He is one of those occult figures that will make your collection stand out!
And finally for the Marvel Universe lovers, a different version of RED SKULL the arch nemesis of Captain America,
complete with baton and gun.

You can catch these and many more auctions on ebay here:
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hunter Knight Customs of the week: Lady Delora, Red Hulk v3, and Marvel Universe KICK ASS!

Hello guys, another week ends and here I present you with 3 new customs:
For the Masters of the universe classics line, here is LADY DELORA, also known as Stratos's sister and ruler of Avion complete with her staff . Now that staff is inspired on the one seen in the episode "reign of the monster" of the classic cartoon.
The staff of Avion has been detailed with crylic faceted Jewels on both sides and lots more! Complete your rulers Of Avion with this awesome figure!
For the Marvel Universe line, I made a third version of Rulk (red Hulk) this time inspired on an upcoming statue, with that yellow "X" mark on his face and new detailing on his eyes.
And since this coming Friday 16th is the premiere in north America of the movie "KICK ASS" here, I bring you the main character of this movie Dave Lizewski, in his Kick ass uniform, complete with his pipes ! Those of you who don't know about this movie, YOU MUST SEE IT! its based on the awesome comic book of the same name written by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. The movie has been received with great reviews in the Uk and is opening this friday in the US!
You can catch these and more auctions at actionfigures123's ebay auctions here: also, don't forget to check my online toy store at: shipping is FREE in the Usa, with SUPER LOW international rates.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New customs this week: Mortal Kombat 3 SUB ZERO motuc KING HSS marvel universe JUBILEE and ULTIMATE ICEMAN plus gold armor iron man variant

Hello guys, Hunter here with another customs update for this week. We begin with the line that has shown to have as much die hard fans as motuc Marvel Universe or even Transformers: Mortal Kombat.

My inbox has been exploding with requests for these characters so worry not i'm working to have all the mk3 characters in , as well as the females...

This week is the all bad boy Lin kuei sub Zero in his mk3 outfit, he was one of my favorite characters specially when on those endurance rounds you were in need of a picker upper, Sub Zero was the man. His 9 combo was by far one of the most well executed in all the game.

So in the figure, I had to deliver, so here it is! Complete with frosty looking skin and glazy eyes!

For my Masters of the Universe fans, here I bring you: KING HSS in the 200X style complete with snake staff and no silly transforming action..wil leave that for another time or figure. Now I have said it many times: THE 200X SHOW WAS WHAT GOT ME INTO HE-MAN so for me, Hss should be made in this style, not the ugly looking one from the vintage line...but as we know, motuc pays homage to the classic vintage figures so i bet we will get a crappy styled Hss with robin looking mask and all...UGH! lets hope not.

So for all of you wanting a 200X style Hss here he is. I must admit that I took some cues from the vintage one, but the main style remains 200X.

For the ever popular universe line, i give you Jubilee and Ultimate Iceman, now Jubilee has been requested many times in the past so here she is ! Iceman is based on a variant offered in the defunct x-men classics line from Toy Biz, he is a very fun and versatile figure that will put the "WTF?...oooh that is soo cool I want one" look on you universe shelf
Aaand last, but not least, the iron man figure of the week, is the Iron man gold variant armor, inspired on the Marvel Legends figure released in 2006 complete with interchangeable head and stand. Expect more Iron Man figures as the movie release date gets near! and also, check my IRON MAN SECTION at my store: shipping is FREE in the US with ultra LOW international rates.
As usual you can catch all these auctions on Ebay at actionfigures123's auctions here: She is the official seller of Hunter Knight customs on Ebay.
Until next week!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New customs this week: classic General Hordak, Shang Tsung, Emma frost, iron monger and Morph!

Hello guys! This week has been a busy one for me. Tons of commissions and orders from both my Amazon account and my store! THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I managed to finish several customs that I begun weeks ago (Lol) first off, is a variant of an old time favorite: General Hordak. This time with a more classic deco and black cape. Due to the mixed reviews, no baby Adora is offered this time with him. His head can be articulated this time!.

Next is the sorcerer of the Outworld: Shang Tsung! he was my favorite character back in the old days of 2d Mortal Kombat. His sash is made of real fabric, and can be articulated like all marvel legends/ Dc universe classics figures. Due to the popularity and acceptance of this line, expect more characters every week!

For the Marvel Universe line, comes MORPH complete with his official x-men Jacket and swappable Logan head, In fact, if you have other Marvel Universe figures that share the Daredevil/Wolverine body, you can be sure those heads fit on Morph as well! So the posibilities are endless!

For the newly released Iron Man line, a combat worn looking IRON MONGER with an awesome detailing much more accurate to the original movie! And finally, for the Marvel Legends line, EMMA FROST with a better, corrected face.
As usual, you can catch all these auctions on actionfigures123 Ebay's auctions (she is the official seller of Hunter Knight Customs there) on this link:
Also, visit my store at WWW.VIPCOLLECTOR.COM for the latest collectibles, I'm probably the only online toy store that offers FREE SHIPPING on ALL STORE ITEMS and ULTRA LOW international shipping rates. Until next week!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This week: custom stealth iron man, the savage land: Shana Ka-zar and zabu, plus MORTAL KOMBAT JAX

Hello guys quick update here. This week I have from Mortal kombat 3 a custom JAX! he has been a highly requested figure. i decided to make him in his Mk3 attire cause is the more iconic one... I'm not really a fan of the 3D Mortal Kombats. watch the video here:
On the Marvel Universe front, I have the custom savage land! Ka-zar, Shanna and Zabu are ready to take on your Marvel universe shellf in this unique set! if you win shanna, and ka-zar, you will pay shipping only for one! so check them out!
I finally got to make another popular request for the star wars fans: custom Jorg Sacul in his jedi outfit. Now I know that I have not made many Star wars customs lately (as well as G.i.joe) but i hope to change that soon.
Now the iron Man line is getting hotter by the minute (I also have several variants on my store at I managed to make another unique one : stealth armor iron man with interchangeable Tony Stark head ...Now Emma frost apologizes for being absent but will be coming soon. All these auctions are available at actionfigures123's ebay auctions here:
Now what can you tell me about Matty Collector and Moss man?? WHAT A TERRIBLE SERVICE! I won't rant any more than what has already been said...but something MUST be done. A ten minute sellout and hundreds of angry fans...way to go Mattel...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

new customs this week: marvel universe Ronin, iron man 2 movie mark I, motuc Faker and Dekker and animated Queen Angella

Hello guys Hunter Knight here with another round of custom action figures. This week is my first Iron man custom since 2007 and it all starts with the custom Mark I armor that has been detailed in a very meticulous way, with tons more detailing than what it came from the factory.
You can watch the video i made for it here:

You can also visit the Iron Man section of my store for the latest toys with FREE SHIPPING in the USA and a super low international rate here: they are already flying off the shelves! Specially the international customers are buying them like crazy!!

Now another Iron man inspired custom is this little universe one with swappable Tony Stark head , plus Ronin, in his unmasked version with variant lime green accents on his uniform. You can see ronin's video here:

On the masters of the universe classics, I made 2 alternate heads this time, the first one for DEKKER, in case you lost my 2009 version this one is similar to that one. And FAKER in a new updated style with much more accurate hair sculpt than my previous 2009 version and more battle damage. The video is already getting lots of comments at
here is the video for your viewing pleasure:


Now on the animated side, we have queen Angella, complete with "bright moon" ruling staff and stand. You can watch her video here:

As usual, you can catch these and more things on actionfigures123's ebay auctions, my official seller there:

Oh! and a personal note for my Mortal Kombat fans: THEY WILL RETURN THIS NEXT WEEKEND!..... "nothing can prepare you"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New figures this week: dc universe classics custom REPTILE custom GLIMMER and marvel universe STORM

Hello guys, another week has passed and this time this post is a bit late, but better late than never. First of all I catched a cold that kept me from advancing commissions and ebay figures too much, so this is what I had finished before I caught it.
First off is Reptile from my new Mortal Kombat/dc universe/Marvel legends line, he is super detailed and comes with an alternate "reptilian" head so you can swap it anytime you want. As usual this bad boy killed a dc figure on his video on youtube here:
Then, we have Glimmer in the ever popular Jlu style, i'm really starting to like this new take on the jlu figures, she includes her stand and a custom made from scratch staff . she features 3mm acrylic faceted Jewels on her tiara and chest (a pain to glue on!).
And last but not least, STORM in the Marvel universe line, made with an all new head sculpt, real fabric cape and 100% cool factor cause she is based on the style made famous during the 90's by Jim Lee.
Well, thats it for this week guys, as usual you can catch all this figures on ebay here:

Monday, February 15, 2010

this week: custom masters of the universe QUEEN MARLENA and Custom Mortal Kombat ERMAC by hunter knight customs

First of all i would like to thank to all the people that bid on my custom adora last week, she now holds the second place on my highest priced custom ever (the first place is held by marvel legends jean grey in 2007) that being said I really feel honored that so many people bid on her. Thank you guys and look for a surprise in your inbox!

Now this week has been really busy and i was able to ready 2 of my long awaited customs: first is Ermac in dc universe/marvel legends scale. I know that i haven't made many Mk figures in a while but that is about to change cause i have a wjole line up coming for this year with old time favorites returning wit a new tooling inspired by the videogames.

This Ermac was made using a dc universe wave 10 robotman and really adds up to the looks of it! most parts are casts of the master pieces made by Jazzwares long ago (my frend Joe Amaro worked on several of them including Goro) Being the fan that I am of the series I cannot wait to get to work on more!

My next custom is for the Masters of the universe classics line: Queen Marlena specially designed for the classics line
complete with her staff and acrylic faceted jewels on her belt
Your royal family is now complete! you can bid on these and other items at actionfigures123 on ebay:
You can also watch the videos i made for ermac and marlena here:
Thank you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new marvel universe comic packs hawkeye ultron thor mr fantastic available at with FREE SHIPPING!

Hi guys, a quick update in the middle of the week (how rare!) just to announce you that I have the brand new Marvel universe sets available at my store: with FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA! international buyers will pay only $7.20 for shipping of each set!

Now let me tell you, the quality on this set is AMAZING: Thor's hammer even has his name SCULPTED on mjholnir! incredible for such a small figure!! Enchantress uses the standard female buck with a new head and added skirt they include the number 11 comic in the series.

Ultron is simply PERFECT! he is taller than Mr. fantastic and features an all new sculpt! fans have been waiting this figure for ages and i'm sure it will become a fan favorite. Mr fantastic uses the standard bullseye male buck with an all new face sculpt. They include the number 6 comic in the series.

The best of the sets in my opinion Has to be the Hawkeye/Piledriver one, Hawkeye is sculpted perfectly with A TON of detail ! not even I can sculpt this good! Includes his bow and arrows (one is even loose to place on his hand) Piledriver uses the Thunderbolt /Warpath body so its HUGE . they include comic number 9 in the series
To see more pics of this awesome wave (or to buy them) go to my store at under the marvel universe category or simply click here:
Thank you for reading!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New action figures this week: custom force captain Adora, jlu style she-ra universe cyclops and magnetic tempest magneto by hunter knight customs

What a crazy busy week it has been! I want to thank my masters of the universe fans for all the support to my work thank you guys!!

Now this week, i have my take on Force Captain Adora as seen in the great designs made by Emiliano Santalucia at of course i added some of my own touches here and there but the essence is basically what Emiliano did.

Also my second animated character: She-ra in Jlu style complete with sword of protection and stand

Now for the universe fans i was able to finish my Cyclops in universe style compete with removable optic blast .

For the Marvel Legends lovers i have the "magnetic tempest" magneto , he is removable from the base and features several trnikets i put together from the parts box. They all have videos currently being streamed via my youtube channel: they are the most recent uploaded videos so check them out, specially the Magneto one...he has one of those funny endings i always like to put on my vids (whenever i have the time of course).

You can catch these and more auctions on actionfigures123 auctions on Ebay here: stay tuned in for next week!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hunter Knight Customs comes back with custom Spirit, The goddess and universe Juggernaut

After a short vacation, here I come back with a new set of action figures for this weekend!

First off, the newly re-designed (now i know it sounds like a car commercial but is not) Custom Green Goddess from the Masters of the universe classics line. Complete with re-designed headress and outfit. The upgrades are too numerous to mention them but you can always watch the video here:

Next, is Adora's "beloved steed" my custom Spirit, he comes complete with removable saddle, and electronic sounds! most classics figures can seat on him . Its a beautiful addittion to your classics line. (you know the might release swiftwind, but they never release the alter egos of the pets ...cringer anyone??) So don't miss out on this one!
Last but not least, is the Juggernaut himself in all of his marvel universe glory, he is one great figure, complete with many points of articulation just like the fans of the line like them. You can see his video here:
You can catch these auctions on actionfigures123's ebay account here:
And also, don't forget to check my store for the best deals with FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING. my international rates are lower than any store so don't miss out gang! until next week!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

HKC comes back in January 31st

Hello guys, just a quick update, I will be back on January 31st with brand new customs and someold time favorites! i know it has taken me more than I expected but in have had a steady flow of commissions that i wanted to finish before starting new ebay stuff.

So, stay tuned this sunday for new customs! is gonna be an exciting year!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Taking a break for a moment! for this week some reissues and animated style Adora

What a great year it has been for Hunter Knight Customs, it would have not been possible
without your preference and sponsorship fellas! thank you very much for all of the support you have given HKC , actionfigures123 and Vip collector! you guys rock!

I will be taking a break until January 17th, all commissions taken before december 31st have been shipped and they are on the way (check your mailboxes for the delivery confirmation numbers) if not, give me a holla!

On the meantime i'm readying a whole new line of characters, and a new line! yes, due to an overwhelming demand I will be taking on a new line,,stay tuned for more details! Other line that i have been abandoned was Mortal me fellas...nothing..nothing can prepare you for what is coming!

I also want to thank for all the support shown to my store: on this last x-mas season , i have more surprises planned for it this year, and im also excited to be part of auctiva's new online portal : "ELEFY" which will include items from my store, I was selected as one of the beta testers and trust me, it looks awesome!

Elefy is Auctiva's new venture that will gather the best items of all auctiva commerce stores in one single marketplace! is not Amazon, is not Ebay...its Elefy! which is scheduled to launch sometime next year!

Now actionfigures123 will continue as my exclusive ebay distribuitor for custom action figures for the upcoming year, and until January 17th they will be posting some reissues of my customs and some toys also, like the new animated jlu style Adora and Spirit you see above! let me know what you think about this type of crossover, yoi can bid on it here:

Thank you for an awesome 2009, and have a great 2010 guys! its going to be one great exciting year!