Monday, February 15, 2010

this week: custom masters of the universe QUEEN MARLENA and Custom Mortal Kombat ERMAC by hunter knight customs

First of all i would like to thank to all the people that bid on my custom adora last week, she now holds the second place on my highest priced custom ever (the first place is held by marvel legends jean grey in 2007) that being said I really feel honored that so many people bid on her. Thank you guys and look for a surprise in your inbox!

Now this week has been really busy and i was able to ready 2 of my long awaited customs: first is Ermac in dc universe/marvel legends scale. I know that i haven't made many Mk figures in a while but that is about to change cause i have a wjole line up coming for this year with old time favorites returning wit a new tooling inspired by the videogames.

This Ermac was made using a dc universe wave 10 robotman and really adds up to the looks of it! most parts are casts of the master pieces made by Jazzwares long ago (my frend Joe Amaro worked on several of them including Goro) Being the fan that I am of the series I cannot wait to get to work on more!

My next custom is for the Masters of the universe classics line: Queen Marlena specially designed for the classics line
complete with her staff and acrylic faceted jewels on her belt
Your royal family is now complete! you can bid on these and other items at actionfigures123 on ebay:
You can also watch the videos i made for ermac and marlena here:
Thank you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new marvel universe comic packs hawkeye ultron thor mr fantastic available at with FREE SHIPPING!

Hi guys, a quick update in the middle of the week (how rare!) just to announce you that I have the brand new Marvel universe sets available at my store: with FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA! international buyers will pay only $7.20 for shipping of each set!

Now let me tell you, the quality on this set is AMAZING: Thor's hammer even has his name SCULPTED on mjholnir! incredible for such a small figure!! Enchantress uses the standard female buck with a new head and added skirt they include the number 11 comic in the series.

Ultron is simply PERFECT! he is taller than Mr. fantastic and features an all new sculpt! fans have been waiting this figure for ages and i'm sure it will become a fan favorite. Mr fantastic uses the standard bullseye male buck with an all new face sculpt. They include the number 6 comic in the series.

The best of the sets in my opinion Has to be the Hawkeye/Piledriver one, Hawkeye is sculpted perfectly with A TON of detail ! not even I can sculpt this good! Includes his bow and arrows (one is even loose to place on his hand) Piledriver uses the Thunderbolt /Warpath body so its HUGE . they include comic number 9 in the series
To see more pics of this awesome wave (or to buy them) go to my store at under the marvel universe category or simply click here:
Thank you for reading!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New action figures this week: custom force captain Adora, jlu style she-ra universe cyclops and magnetic tempest magneto by hunter knight customs

What a crazy busy week it has been! I want to thank my masters of the universe fans for all the support to my work thank you guys!!

Now this week, i have my take on Force Captain Adora as seen in the great designs made by Emiliano Santalucia at of course i added some of my own touches here and there but the essence is basically what Emiliano did.

Also my second animated character: She-ra in Jlu style complete with sword of protection and stand

Now for the universe fans i was able to finish my Cyclops in universe style compete with removable optic blast .

For the Marvel Legends lovers i have the "magnetic tempest" magneto , he is removable from the base and features several trnikets i put together from the parts box. They all have videos currently being streamed via my youtube channel: they are the most recent uploaded videos so check them out, specially the Magneto one...he has one of those funny endings i always like to put on my vids (whenever i have the time of course).

You can catch these and more auctions on actionfigures123 auctions on Ebay here: stay tuned in for next week!