Sunday, February 7, 2010

New action figures this week: custom force captain Adora, jlu style she-ra universe cyclops and magnetic tempest magneto by hunter knight customs

What a crazy busy week it has been! I want to thank my masters of the universe fans for all the support to my work thank you guys!!

Now this week, i have my take on Force Captain Adora as seen in the great designs made by Emiliano Santalucia at of course i added some of my own touches here and there but the essence is basically what Emiliano did.

Also my second animated character: She-ra in Jlu style complete with sword of protection and stand

Now for the universe fans i was able to finish my Cyclops in universe style compete with removable optic blast .

For the Marvel Legends lovers i have the "magnetic tempest" magneto , he is removable from the base and features several trnikets i put together from the parts box. They all have videos currently being streamed via my youtube channel: they are the most recent uploaded videos so check them out, specially the Magneto one...he has one of those funny endings i always like to put on my vids (whenever i have the time of course).

You can catch these and more auctions on actionfigures123 auctions on Ebay here: stay tuned in for next week!

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