Sunday, March 21, 2010

New customs this week: classic General Hordak, Shang Tsung, Emma frost, iron monger and Morph!

Hello guys! This week has been a busy one for me. Tons of commissions and orders from both my Amazon account and my store! THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I managed to finish several customs that I begun weeks ago (Lol) first off, is a variant of an old time favorite: General Hordak. This time with a more classic deco and black cape. Due to the mixed reviews, no baby Adora is offered this time with him. His head can be articulated this time!.

Next is the sorcerer of the Outworld: Shang Tsung! he was my favorite character back in the old days of 2d Mortal Kombat. His sash is made of real fabric, and can be articulated like all marvel legends/ Dc universe classics figures. Due to the popularity and acceptance of this line, expect more characters every week!

For the Marvel Universe line, comes MORPH complete with his official x-men Jacket and swappable Logan head, In fact, if you have other Marvel Universe figures that share the Daredevil/Wolverine body, you can be sure those heads fit on Morph as well! So the posibilities are endless!

For the newly released Iron Man line, a combat worn looking IRON MONGER with an awesome detailing much more accurate to the original movie! And finally, for the Marvel Legends line, EMMA FROST with a better, corrected face.
As usual, you can catch all these auctions on actionfigures123 Ebay's auctions (she is the official seller of Hunter Knight Customs there) on this link:
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