Sunday, March 28, 2010

New customs this week: Mortal Kombat 3 SUB ZERO motuc KING HSS marvel universe JUBILEE and ULTIMATE ICEMAN plus gold armor iron man variant

Hello guys, Hunter here with another customs update for this week. We begin with the line that has shown to have as much die hard fans as motuc Marvel Universe or even Transformers: Mortal Kombat.

My inbox has been exploding with requests for these characters so worry not i'm working to have all the mk3 characters in , as well as the females...

This week is the all bad boy Lin kuei sub Zero in his mk3 outfit, he was one of my favorite characters specially when on those endurance rounds you were in need of a picker upper, Sub Zero was the man. His 9 combo was by far one of the most well executed in all the game.

So in the figure, I had to deliver, so here it is! Complete with frosty looking skin and glazy eyes!

For my Masters of the Universe fans, here I bring you: KING HSS in the 200X style complete with snake staff and no silly transforming action..wil leave that for another time or figure. Now I have said it many times: THE 200X SHOW WAS WHAT GOT ME INTO HE-MAN so for me, Hss should be made in this style, not the ugly looking one from the vintage line...but as we know, motuc pays homage to the classic vintage figures so i bet we will get a crappy styled Hss with robin looking mask and all...UGH! lets hope not.

So for all of you wanting a 200X style Hss here he is. I must admit that I took some cues from the vintage one, but the main style remains 200X.

For the ever popular universe line, i give you Jubilee and Ultimate Iceman, now Jubilee has been requested many times in the past so here she is ! Iceman is based on a variant offered in the defunct x-men classics line from Toy Biz, he is a very fun and versatile figure that will put the "WTF?...oooh that is soo cool I want one" look on you universe shelf
Aaand last, but not least, the iron man figure of the week, is the Iron man gold variant armor, inspired on the Marvel Legends figure released in 2006 complete with interchangeable head and stand. Expect more Iron Man figures as the movie release date gets near! and also, check my IRON MAN SECTION at my store: shipping is FREE in the US with ultra LOW international rates.
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Until next week!

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