Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New figures this week: dc universe classics custom REPTILE custom GLIMMER and marvel universe STORM

Hello guys, another week has passed and this time this post is a bit late, but better late than never. First of all I catched a cold that kept me from advancing commissions and ebay figures too much, so this is what I had finished before I caught it.
First off is Reptile from my new Mortal Kombat/dc universe/Marvel legends line, he is super detailed and comes with an alternate "reptilian" head so you can swap it anytime you want. As usual this bad boy killed a dc figure on his video on youtube here:
Then, we have Glimmer in the ever popular Jlu style, i'm really starting to like this new take on the jlu figures, she includes her stand and a custom made from scratch staff . she features 3mm acrylic faceted Jewels on her tiara and chest (a pain to glue on!).
And last but not least, STORM in the Marvel universe line, made with an all new head sculpt, real fabric cape and 100% cool factor cause she is based on the style made famous during the 90's by Jim Lee.
Well, thats it for this week guys, as usual you can catch all this figures on ebay here:

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