Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hunter Knight Customs of the week: Lady Delora, Red Hulk v3, and Marvel Universe KICK ASS!

Hello guys, another week ends and here I present you with 3 new customs:
For the Masters of the universe classics line, here is LADY DELORA, also known as Stratos's sister and ruler of Avion complete with her staff . Now that staff is inspired on the one seen in the episode "reign of the monster" of the classic cartoon.
The staff of Avion has been detailed with crylic faceted Jewels on both sides and lots more! Complete your rulers Of Avion with this awesome figure!
For the Marvel Universe line, I made a third version of Rulk (red Hulk) this time inspired on an upcoming statue, with that yellow "X" mark on his face and new detailing on his eyes.
And since this coming Friday 16th is the premiere in north America of the movie "KICK ASS" here, I bring you the main character of this movie Dave Lizewski, in his Kick ass uniform, complete with his pipes ! Those of you who don't know about this movie, YOU MUST SEE IT! its based on the awesome comic book of the same name written by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. The movie has been received with great reviews in the Uk and is opening this friday in the US!
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