Monday, May 10, 2010

This week: Custom Iron man 2 MARK VI 6 inch tall with light up chest and Marvel girl universe

The iron man movie frenzy is ON!! and to cope with this thirst for Iron men figures, here is my humble 6 inch tall Iron man mark VI complete with light up chest, interchangeable Tony Stark head, and repulsor blasts that can go either on his feet or hands, and tons of intrincate detail!

This figure took me a whole week to be made, hence I only had the time to make 2 figures for the auctions, (blame it on Tony lol!)

Next up is Marvel girl, yes! Jean Grey in her famous outfit , back qhen they had to fight the imperial Shi'ar guard on the moon. She is a great addition to your Universe line, specially with the cyclops that came in the Hulk 2 pack!

Well thats it for this week you can catch these auctions on Ebay here: are coming...I sure need them!

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