Monday, May 17, 2010

tons of stuff this week! Kick ass legends size, battle damaged iron man Mark V, Angel, Mk smoke, sw gavin Darklighter!

Woah! this week I was a busy guy! (next one is no different) I have several customs for everyone!

First off is Kick Ass, after the succes the Marvel Universe one had, tons of people wrote me asking me to make a 6 inch version of him, well here it is! It took me a while cause I wanted to make things different and wanted to make them right.

Kick ass has the straightest lines I have ever seen on a custom. Each line is made of styrene and was glued one by one, the corners were sealed with apoxie and then sanded, then carefully checked to make sure they do not interfere with the articulation.

He is also on scale, many other figures just use a regular 6 inch male base , when he is a TEEN thus, should be smaller. That's why I used a Kid Flash figure. His joints have been worked to withstand posing and play. Overall a GREAT figure.

Next is my battle damaged Iron man Mark V figure painstakingly detailed to look exactly the way he did during the attack of Whiplash. Every gash, cut, scratch, has been faithfully re-created on this figure that will go great with your upcoming WHIPLASH figure from Hasbro, due later in the season!

For the Mortal Kombat Lovers, a sought after request: SMOKE in his ninja outfit. fully poseable and playable ..beware may DRILL your other figures!

(to see what i'm talking about watch his youtube video here: )

Continuing with the Star Wars line of characters, here is GAVIN DARKLIGHTER complete with blaster and removable helmet. Gavin is Biggs Darklighter's younger cousin that joined Rogue Squadron shortly after his cousin's death.
Last but not least is my Marvel Universe ANGEL figure in his pre-horsemen looks back when he was just Warren Worthington. I received lots of compliments about the wings, they belong to a Dc infinite heroes Hawkman, they were then given the Marvel Legends treatment: a wash of black, a drybrush of light gray, and another one of Skull White, and presto!
I have a ton of commissions regarding the masters of the universe, plus since today is Mattypocalypse day (Tytus comes out....had they made more than ten??) I didn't wanted to stress the motuc lovers wallets so I just made a cool looking 200X sword accesory to go along with your King Grayskull. This is not the cheap plastic one they gave us on the weapons pack, this is the one that came with man at arms, it has been given a more vibrant metallic green. Plus, I completed the areas that Mattel didn't painted.
Due to quality control issues, the skin colored Faker head has been postponed..(I didn't liked the skin color) so until I get it right i won't be auctioning it
Catch all of these auctions here:
Until next are coming sooon!!!

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