Monday, July 26, 2010

AUCTIONS ARE BACK! this week: custom James Bond, Jubilee, Daredevil shadowland and more!

Hello guys! It has been a while since i got an entry, that is cause I have been working hard on commissions since I came back from my New Mexico trip, and haven't really had time for the auction block.

That being said, Its been 2 weeks since I have returned to Florida and I finally had the time to put some figures for auction!

First off is JUBILEE in her second outfit seen in the 90's x-men cartoon, She has been requested several times and now she is here!

Next up, is everyone's favorite super spy, JAMES BOND with the all new likeness of Daniel Craig, seen in movies like casino royale and quantum of solace (my favorites so far) he is fully poseable and playable and comes with 2 guns....Duke on the other hand is there just for comarison purposes hehe.

On the Marvel Legends side, we have SHADOWLAND DAREDEVIL, a fan requested figure. I worked really hard on his joints so they won't chip when you pose him. I'm really proud of this figure, and its up for auction now!
As for my other lines, worry not, I'm still working on Masters of the Universe (more now that I have seen the disappointing figures on SDCC... Filmation characters are still out of the table) Mortal Kombat gets rebooted with more fan requested FEMALE characters, and after listening to many Trans Fans I will return with some transformers and old G1 requested characters! so the rest of 2010 looks really promising!
Just in case, for those who keep asking I DO take commissions (its my bread and butter folks!) so yeah you can use the "contact us" link on my website or my facebook page etc
As usual Ebay seller actionfigures123 is still my official seller, you can bid on this figures here: and the figure's videos on my youtube channel: Until next week folks!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello guys!

Hey guys, just a quick update on what i'm doing now. I'm still in new mexico, but on the meantime I have been taking commissions and preparing some ultra cool figures for Ebay when I get back to Florida.

I have also been doing some custom figures for my store like the scuccubus, James Bond, pet Cub Cringer, and the batlle damaged Faker head. They won't last since I have made a few only!

Also wanted to let you know that my friend Joe Amaro has a new blog! Yeah you can follow it here: He is one of the few customizers that actually got a job in the toy industry, he creates figures almost from scratch! using barely the joint discs from other figures! check his latest Imp figure, you will be amazed!

I leave you here with the video of the topless Succubus from castlevania, is available now for a limited time at my store: