Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello guys!

Hey guys, just a quick update on what i'm doing now. I'm still in new mexico, but on the meantime I have been taking commissions and preparing some ultra cool figures for Ebay when I get back to Florida.

I have also been doing some custom figures for my store like the scuccubus, James Bond, pet Cub Cringer, and the batlle damaged Faker head. They won't last since I have made a few only!

Also wanted to let you know that my friend Joe Amaro has a new blog! Yeah you can follow it here: He is one of the few customizers that actually got a job in the toy industry, he creates figures almost from scratch! using barely the joint discs from other figures! check his latest Imp figure, you will be amazed!

I leave you here with the video of the topless Succubus from castlevania, is available now for a limited time at my store:

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