Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mattel announces: " 200X style and interpretation retired " no more 200X extra heads for Motuc

By Chris "Hunter" Diaz

In a move that seems controversial for some fans, on August 14th Mattel's brand manager Scott "Toyguru" Neitlich announced that the 200X style for the Masters of the Universe classics line was "retired"

On a post on the Matty collector forums, Neitlich stated that the management at Mattel had asked them to retire the "Hyper detailed elements" of the 200X line from the current classics line, since "that look and interpretation was retired"

He added that 200x extra heads will be pulled back due to high costs in production, and will only do so when needed, and not to pay homage to the famous MYP cartoon, like they did with the Whiplash figure released last Monday 16th.

While no more information has been provided, speculation has started to run among the many fan forums of the line: "Does this mean we won't see any more characters like Evil seed?", "What about the weapons?", " do we still get 200X styled weapons?"

This and more questions has fans raving about the decision: "makes us feel like they are treating us 200X fans like disease" stated one fan, at the many Facebook rants about the decision.

This humble customizer is also a collector, and while I respect the classic origin of the line, I was never a fan of it, never watched the cartoon as a kid, nor collected the toys. I only watched a few episodes of She-ra cause they aired them before my favorite cartoon: "Thundercats"

200X is What got me into He-man. The "hyper detailed" looks were the awesomeness that drew me in. As a designer it was really fun to compare the crappy 80's toys Vs the new horsemen re-designed 200X line and laugh: " How come people could play with these? ...LOL!"

Guess the joke was on me.

After all the fuzz Mattel made in the dvd release of season 3 of the MYP cartoon (you can see it on disc 3) speaking about "how cool the new interpretation was" and the kudos they gave the horsemen for their sculpts and hard work re-designing the line, they now "retire" the "interpretation" going back to the simplistic re-use of molds time and time again.

I understand that this is done due to costs, and Mattel's famous 80's motto of "making the most profit without having to do a lot of investment " hence re-using every single mold, but as fans we feel that just because we prefer the 200X line, we should not be treated like "stinkors" cause we like the hyper-detailed-anime-style-that-is-now-retired, Just beacuse you can't re-use Count Marzo's mold, (god knows you will somehow) to get more profit.

There are ways to profit without disappointing fans Mr. Neitlich, and us the loyal 200X fans are in fact, disappointed. Please tell that to the "management"

You can read the original post by Mr. Neitlich on the Matty forums here: http://forums.mattycollector.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/4561004165/m/6561032246/p/1

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