Monday, August 2, 2010

This week: Admiral Scurvy, Marvel legends Ms Marvel (moonstone) and jedi master Lesthar Darek

Hello guys, I have been extremely busy this week, however I managed to finish some customs for Ebay:
Admiral Scurvy for the masters of the universe classics line, in the same style as he appeared in the episode "anchors aloft" of the She-ra series. He comes complete with sword, and pet cat. Scurvy is the arch nemesis of Adora's sweetheart Sea Hawk, and will stop at nothing to trap the pirate.
Next, is moonstone Ms. marvel in a secondary outfit,a bit different than my first one. She is fully posable and playable.
And finally, my first ever all original Star Wars character: Jedi Master Lesthar Darek, a chiss same as Admiral Thrawn.
Since I haven't seen many Chiss jedis, I wanted to add up this figure, he is fully playable and poseable.
I made a video for him. Stay tuned at the end of it:

As usual, you can find this auctions on ebay here:

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