Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This week: Custom Uncle Montork, Kitty Pryde and more!

Hello guys, back this week with more of that plastic goodness

This week, for the masters of the universe classics line, I have UNCLE MONTORK as seen on the episode 'Orko's favorite uncle" of the classic cartoon. He comes with wand, stand and book. You can watch his video on youtube here:

For the universe line, I made another fan favorite: Kitty Pryde on her ultimate uniform, along with her pet pal Lockheed. She includes a stand and file. Watch her video here:

Next up, a reissue of Mary Jane and Lex Luthor in his bussiness suit.

You can catch all of these figures this week at actionfigures123 's Ebay auctions:
Until next time!

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