Monday, September 27, 2010

This week: custom marvel Universe Mary jane, Transformers Hubcap, Motuc Trap-Jaw and Thalia al ghul

This week continuing the animated line, I have Thalia Al ghul and as a bonus , you get her father as well! Thalia's outfit has been painted black to resemble her appeareance in the Adventures of Batman, while Ra's has been given a metallic look on his armor. Both come with weapons!

For the Marvel Universe line, we have MARY JANE, in her 90's look as she appeared in the Spiderman cartoon of Fox Kids. She comes complete with her stand, file and dog. She also has a completely new face sculpt!

For the masters of the Universe, TRAP-JAW in a Filmation inspired Deco with custom crossbow arm! Finally, Transformerd Hubcap with real car paint ! You can catch these and more on actionfigures123's auctions on Ebay here:

Check the videos I made of them on youtube:

Monday, September 20, 2010

This week: Custom animated Grimlock In Takara style, Snake Hunter Man-at-arms, Animated Commissioner Gordon and Marvel universe White Phoenix!

Hey guys, another week here with more custom
goodness. somehow, out of my uber busy schedule, I managed to squeeze in 4 customs this week!
First is a repaint of the animated grimlock, in the Takara/Tommy style. I used the same color palette of the imported one, but added tons more details, including a full repaint of the grey areas using gun metal silver from Games workshop, then more outlines, etc etc. They are subtle details but you would miss them if they were not there.
Second on the lineup, is the Snake hunter Man-at-arms in Masters of the Universe classics style, with combat worn armor as if he had been in a thousand battles against the snakemen.

This figure has TONS of detailing on his armor, several shades of metallic paints, rust effects, scuffs, blast shots, scars etc! you have to really see this figure in person to appreciate the level of detail.

On top of that, this figure comes with 3 alternate heads! an unhelmeted one in the style of the 2002 cartoon, a battle damaged/wounded one with scars and scuffs, and the regular one.

All in all, its a great and unique figure to add to any masters of the universe classics collection. If Mattel were to ever release one, it would have a clean look, as that seems to be the visual style of the line, plus with the upcoming release of King HSS, this figure will fit nicely with your collection!

Next up is an old school figure that with just a few paints looks fresh and brand new: Commissioner Gordon from the batman animated series. in cartoon accurate looks! you can check his video here:

Last but not least, the universe line seems like Juggernaut: UNSTOPPABLE! here is my take on Jean Grey as the white Phoenix, complete with a custom "Phoenix force" wall mountable stand.
You can catch all these awesome figures on Ebay here: Until next week!