Monday, September 27, 2010

This week: custom marvel Universe Mary jane, Transformers Hubcap, Motuc Trap-Jaw and Thalia al ghul

This week continuing the animated line, I have Thalia Al ghul and as a bonus , you get her father as well! Thalia's outfit has been painted black to resemble her appeareance in the Adventures of Batman, while Ra's has been given a metallic look on his armor. Both come with weapons!

For the Marvel Universe line, we have MARY JANE, in her 90's look as she appeared in the Spiderman cartoon of Fox Kids. She comes complete with her stand, file and dog. She also has a completely new face sculpt!

For the masters of the Universe, TRAP-JAW in a Filmation inspired Deco with custom crossbow arm! Finally, Transformerd Hubcap with real car paint ! You can catch these and more on actionfigures123's auctions on Ebay here:

Check the videos I made of them on youtube:

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