Sunday, October 17, 2010

This week: Custom War for Cybertron Megatron, Marvel Universe Professor Xavier and Scarlet Spiderman, and Marvel Legends Black cat

Hey guys! This week I have some new figures on the auction block: First is The awesome custom war For Cybertron MEGATRON, completely redecoed, with a much more in-game accurate colors: Metallic rust effects, silvers oils splatters and more! a figure no transformers fan should pass on this guy!

Next up are 2 of my favorite Marvel characters for the Universe style: Scarlet spiderman, a reissue of my previous versions but with different color applications, they are darker and more in tune with a marvel legends version of him. And second Professor X , the founder of the X-men makes his debut in the universe line with this awesome custom action figure! he is fully poseable, and stands on its own.

And for the Legends fans, they return with Black Cat! The femme fatale of Spidey's rogue's gallery is sure to bring sexy back with this awesome figure in all of her 6 inch glory!

As usual you can catch all of this auctions and more on my official seller actionfigures123 on Ebay:

My Mortal Kombat fans should not despair, I have been working on several characters in the last weeks, they took a while cause they required a lot of brand new sculpting, casting and whatnot, but the fan favorites are sure to hit Ebay soon. Just be patient fellas!

Also, if you are thinking on commissioning figures for christmas, the time to put in your orders is NOW! I already have dozens of orders in, and would like to plan my work ahead since the Christmas season is the busiest for all of us who are in the Toy Industry, so start rolling your orders early to avoid any delays!
Until the next post!