Sunday, November 21, 2010

Custom GALVATRON, Motuc VEENA, Universe SILVER SABLE, and Dcuc SORANIK NATU all this week!

Hello guys, HKC here with another round of plastic awesomeness!

This week I'm proud to present a figure that took me almost a month to create: VEENA, King Grayskull's wife! A fan acclaimed character that by the looks of it, we might not see in official figure form due to the darned copyrights.

Now most of my customers know that I usually take 2 weeks to make a figure, but this one was really a challenge, plus it had a ton of sculpting...Well not as much as another motuc female I'm working on ...but I'm not saying anything hehe...

For the Transformer fans, GALVATRON comes to dominate your shelf in the awesome style of the War For Cybertron videogame, featuring a brand new head and chest sculpt. The tyrant of Cybertron, never looked so good!

Next up, is the acclaimed SORANIK NATU, the neurosurgeon of the Green lantern corps, and Sinestro's daughter. She is another fan requested figure according to a recent poll, sadly she lost, and won't be getting an official figure anytime soon. So here is your chance to own one, complete with an official DCUC stand, and green plasma burst construct. (It can also be used on your Katma Tui figure).

Last but not least, SILVER SABLE, one of my favorite Marvel characters of the 90's complete with her silver gun!

Silver Sable has received very little love in action figure form. The last one we got (that I'm aware of) is the Toy Biz "Spider Wars" one with very little articulation in 1997. I liked her tough attitude and sexy demeanor so much, that I used her a lot in my novel "The Dark Era" A book I wrote back in the 90's.

Now the Universe version I made, condenses all the styles I saw in the comics, and makes this one of a kind figure a true piece, for any 90's comic book lover!

As usual, you can bid on all of these figures and more, on actionfigures123's Ebay auctions here:

Until next week!

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