Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MTV geek interviewes Hunter Knight Customs!

Hello guys, I'm very proud to announce that MTV Geek has interviewed me about all of my work in the movie and toy industry!

From the movie Sex Drive, to the work I have done with several custom toy lines, as well as how I started in my native Peru, it's all there!

I want to thank my friends, my customers, my youtube viewers and everybody that helped make HKC what it is now and specially Lemonjuicemcgee for making this interview possible. You can follow him on twitter at: http://twitter.com/#!/lemonjuicemcgee

And don't forget to follow MTV Geek on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/#!/MTVGeek

Also this week, I have posted several customs on Ebay: Masters of the Universe classics Hordebot, the horde trooper commander, it even has an origin story on youtube, featuring the most infamous bounty Hunter in the galaxy, so don't miss them:

On the legends side, the ever popular ninja Psylocke comes with her X-force outfit complete with high heels and some "augmentations". For the Marvel Universe lovers, we have ELEKTRA, one of the best face sculpts I have done for such a tiny line. Celebrating the return of Batman Beyond to tvs thanks to the HUB Network, I made this dc universe classics Custom Terry McGinnis in full civilian outfit, complete with mask and batarang. A true collector's piece for that Batman beyond fan!

Last but not least, for the transformers line, NEMESIS PRIME in all of his War for Cybertron glory complete with dual cannons that can be interlocked and form a devastating weapon! One of the finest pieces I have ever done for the Transformers line.

Don't miss this awesome figures going on Ebay now: http://tinyurl.com/cc6djv

Until next week!

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