Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Mortal Kombat figures from Jazzwares hitting shelves on Summer 2011

Sunrise Fl 3:51 PM - Thanks to my friend Joe Amaro, Director of product Development at Jazzwares inc, I have the pleasure of showing you the first pictures of the upcoming Mortal Kombat line, due to hit shelves on summer 2011.
The lineup for the first wave of 6 inch figures includes : Scorpion, Rayden, Sub- zero and Johnny Cage! featuring multiple points of articulation and several interchangeable accesories. But that is not all, there is also a San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure to be revealed soon!
Much more characters are on the works, including the most requested females and the much demanded Cyborgs!!
But if you feel like you need to have your voice heard, head over to Jazwares's facebook page, and let them know which characters you want to see! You can also follow them on Twitter at: and visit their website at:
Fans of Sonic will also have an exclusive san Diego comic con figure to be revealed soon.
For more pictures you can check my Facebook page: or visit my store: under the Mortal Kombat category! Stay tuned to my youtube channel for more info!