Monday, July 18, 2011

Off to san Diego Comic Con 2011!!!

Is that time of the year again guys and fpr the first time I will be heading to San Diego Comic con! The Mecca of the Pop culture industry. I will be hanging there with some of the people, and then on Friday at Hennessy's with the crew of!

I have taken pre-orders on many items that i will be purchasing, if any are left, they will be sold at my store: So stay tuned!

Since I HATE planes, I will make the drive from Florida (Sunrise) to San Diego in a car...oh yes, such is my dread of planes that I haven't set foot in one in more than 10 years... The exact time I have in the USA. I will be posting updates on my Facebook page

As I make the trip all across the country!!

Stay tuned and see you there!!