Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kick Ass 2 commentary (Spoiler Free)

 Yesterday, I was invited to the Kick Ass 2 pre-screening event at the Dolphin Mall in Miami. I was thrilled like a school girl to see it cause Im a fan of the comic book and the first movie....I was even screaming out of excitement ala "comic con panel" style, when the announcer greeted us

I really enjoyed 95% of it, some things were obviously changed to better adapt to a movie format, there are scenes that are straight from the comic books and others well, changed so there is no headless dog...

While the adaptation is a complete riot, the gags are all there, the sense of humor, violence etc Biggest complain lies in the ending of the  movie... The last 15 minutes or so have been totally altered from the comic book. There is a controversial scene, and well, I think many hardcore KA fans will be totally displeased on how it

I'm not a purist, I do love me some changes on my on screen adaptations (EXCEPT THE MANDARIN CHANGE IN IRON MAN 3...that was pure garbage) and ignoring that part, it's a great  movie, I really enjoyed it, laughed, got horrified and glorified at how well some gory scenes translate to the big screen, and wanted more potty mouth Hit Girl. Sadly I feel there wasn't enough of her, instead a ton of Mindy. Alas, that is how the book was written so, no complains there.

The performances were great, including the ones from newcomers like Jim Carrey, John Leguizamo, Lindy booth, among others, and the main cast who reprise their roles spotlessly. Chloe Grace does a good job at portraying Mindy going through the hell hole that is freshman year...

Kick Ass 2 will surely start a controversy among fans who totally love it and don't care too much about the changes, or fans who will totally hate it cause of the disregard of the source material (only at the end!) but heck! I totally loved the movie!

In the words of Mindy Mcready (Hit Girl) ..."Game on Coc$^&ers!"

Kick Ass opens nationwide on August 15th.

P.S. Have you checked Neca's AWESOME KA2 figures?? they are amongst my faves! As soon as the movie ended I went to my local comic book store and grabbed a pair...Neca's exquisite attention to sculpt, detail and articulation makes them an absolute must in your collection!

Watch the red band trailer here: (age restricted)

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