Monday, August 19, 2013

The final day for subscriptions...a business point of view on how to profit from toy lines

Well, this is the final day for Matty subscriptions...The Eternia sub is at 84% We need a meager 16% to make it happen! I know many customizers are wishing this line would end so they can profit with the characters that fans wanted, but not this one. There are better ways to do so without getting your hands covered in apoxie

 I'm a fan, I love this line, is my constant source of inspiration for the work I do. I want every fan to have their fave character at an AFFORDABLE price...customs are not affordable for many, and the prices for them once the line is confirmed dead will skyrocket..I can see the Ebay auctions....That my friends is not fair, not everyone can pay the huge prices these figures will go for...and every time I'd see a figure go for $400...I will be saying, "Well 150 more and that would have been a FULL club Eternia subscription" . That is however how the market WILL work, we won't control those prices, its basic capitalism...less product, higher demand.

Speaking of market, those who want to profit from the line can't see far ahead, If profiting is your thing, well I'd say you are not seeing the yourself on 2016....will you have kids? will we have flying cars? we don't know those things for sure, but here is what we know for sure: Once the line ends, several of the LAST figures will be the ones that will become more expensive since -and we know this for a fact- these are being made in MUCH smaller quantities..and specially the ones that don't have a" day of" sales (a growing trend right? well, expect it to grow much more next year)

 People just think about the now...but have you stopped and think how much your "useless" Glimmer will be worth? Of course not every figure will become too valuable (NA figures i'm talking to you) but you can compensate profit with the other more valuable ones.

By Example, I have held an optikk for a ton of years, brand new in its box, back in the day people were throwing it in the garbage, trading it for fodder, etc the thing cost me $20 bucks when I bought it with other figures, I have sold it last month for $60 bucks plus shipping charges. What? you don't know how much Optikk goes for now? check Amazon and see...The good one eyed bounty hunter paid for my 2013 Eternia subscription this year.

Now let me give you another example. I have 3 extra shadow Weavers in my storage, they now sell for about $180 to $200..can you imagine how much they will go for once the line ends? If i'm pesimist I'd say $250 each...well if I sell 2 there is my 2011 subscription paid in full...that is not counting the rest of the 2011 figures,  if I  sell each for 10 bucks (of course they will sell for more) ....I still make a profit. I bought those extra Weavers out of impatient collectors who wanted her to skyrocket to 400 bucks on the first days...and yes I paid 80 for one, and 60 each for the other two.  Patience and foresight is not something that the collector world has in abundance, but for those who have learned it, pays quite well.

Over the last past days I have seen so much pesimism between my fellow fans, that is just inredible. I Have turned down more than 6 commissions from people saying :" Since the line is dead can you make me an Angella? " or a Mermista?"  I told these customers to not fall in despair, to subscribe and don't throw away their money in ONE figure...instead use it to buy another sub if they can afford it.

 Concessions in this sub are a given, and they are not new, We had the star sisters (for some a terrible 3 pack..well not for me) or the fighting Foe men, but that is how this line works, whe have to accept this kinds of figures so others can happen.   I'm willing to accept an NA figure (my least favorite) so others can have Glimmer or Angella. Heck! I will be willing to get a meteorb (...please noooo!) we can have Loo-Kee, Twiggets etc..That is how it works, that is how we've always done it and I know we can still do it...

I won't end up with the usual tag know what you have to do..

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