Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Palm Beach geek scene ridiculed...

Some people and friends ask me why I don't attend local conventions often, instead of the big ones like San Diego Comic con or every other con that is out of state, and the answer is...
 Cause of SHIT like this:

The New Times of Broward and Palm Beach, an old dinosaur struggling to survive in the digital era has insulted one of the small, emerging cons that happened in Palm Beach County last weekend. This lampoon of a diary and it's incompetent journalist Allie Conti (who admits it was her first convention) belittled every attendee,(minors included) exhibitor, and cosplayer on the diary's website by posting pictures (oh yes, from the minors too) ridiculing the entire community including the kids who innocently enjoyed the small convention floor, with a snarky and quite rude depiction of what a convention is supposed to be in the eyes of a "normal" person.
 After an outcry, they took down the pictures of the minors, but not the entire article...

The Florida geek scene is small, and is emerging little by little, but in a frivolous area like South Florida, is tough to get people to attend and get rid of the stigmas the society creates around pop culture, geeks and nerds alike.

Dear New Times of Palm Beach and Broward: If you don't want to contribute to the growth of the convention scene then please, politely, with cherry on top, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY. Don't thwart the efforts of people like Martin Pierro, who organized the Palm Beach convention, if you can't stand us, then just park aside and let us be. Geeks don't hurt anyone, unlike your promotion of drugs, steroids and sex on every page. Sex is not harmful, but the escort service ads you run -with prostitution in Florida being illegal- Surely denote a certain tone in your publication, that makes it UNFIT to judge our scene.

Geeks stand united New Times, you mess with one, you mess with ALL of us. As for me, I think I just found my new toilet paper..That is until it goes down the drain like many paper publications..Welcome to the digital era suckers!

Geek and proud

-Chris (Hunter) Diaz-

You can read the nauseous article here:
and while you are at it, drop a couple of F-bombs in there for me. The Geek community will thank you for it.

Palm con attendees . Photo by Prime Cinematrix