Friday, April 4, 2014

Captain America The Winter Soldier quick and honest review (Spoiler free)

 Last night I was treated to an Imax 3D advance screening of Captain America the Winter Soldier an it was THE BEST of the Marvel phase 2 movies so far. I felt like I was back to watching a thrilling Marvel movie much like the first Iron Man, or heck even the Avengers.

After 2 lackluster movies like the Iron man 3 bomb (extremis...Mandarin...can't get over that crap) or the boring Thor 2 (I fell asleep) this movie actually feels like the Marvel movies we all love, packed with action, laughs, but adds a new element: The spy thriller where you have no idea who to trust.

And this plays on how flexible Marvel movies have become, they grasp different kinds of genres but they still feel part of the same universe. This movie will grab everything you know and turn it inside out. The revealing by Arnim Zola is the core of everything (even Hugo Chavez makes a cameo in the picture flashbacks) and is the tipping point of the entire he said it in the first movie "A masterpiece".

The Winter soldier (whose identity we all know) makes for a great Marvel  villain and the only one who can hand the cap his ass in beautifully choreographed knife to hand battles, however he is only one of many villains, since in this movie there are many threats the cap has to face.

Anthony Mackie's falcon performance is flawless, the guy is a welcome addition to the Marvel Universe although your wish those wings could carry some sort of weapon...he is SERIOUSLY outgunned in the last act.

From the cameos to cap's to-do list (which varies from continent to continent) Captain America the Winter Soldier pits the classic soldier conundrum of doing what your conscience says it's right, not what your orders say, and does it great, the movie is full of surprising twists and plots, what a superhero movie should be. And of course...stay tuned until the VERY end..there are 2 after credits scenes. one in the middle featuring THREE characters you will recognize and a last one.

"To fight a war, you need a uniform"
                                       -Steve Rogers-

Captain America is on theatres now!

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