Friday, May 30, 2014

Maleficent commentary (spoiler free)

Disney's latest retelling of the "Sleeping Beauty"classic  begins in an awesome fashion, you root for her, you want her to succeed (kudos to Isobelle Molloy who plays a young Maleficent) and kill those treacherous humans. You think you are in for an awesome ride, devouring your pop corn thinking: "this is some Lord of the rings type of s%^&t!"  then when the culmination of all evils is accomplished, (Aurora getting cursed) the whole movie hits the brakes, plot gets diluted, and our great anti-hero makes a turn.

The story is indeed not as we were told, just modernized, with better effects and an impeccable performance by Angelina Jolie and her eyes...(not to mention cheeks and mouth since many shots are close ups, which is fine by me...I can stare at Angie's face forever)  while Aurora is completely robotic, boring and utter accessory for the whole tale. That is what happens when you put a young talent opposing Jolie. And don't get me started on Prince Phillip...Diaval  the crow has a much more compelling part in the whole thing.

We are living an age where Princes are irrelevant (much like in real life) which is fine by me. I do not agree with the ending however, there are some things that are best left UNCHANGED.

Maleficent open in theatres today.
By Chris "Hunter" Diaz

Friday, May 23, 2014

X-men days of future past commentary (spoiler free)

 The mutants are back and in a BIG way!! Director Bryan Singer hits major points with this amazing film, blending all movies together and FINALLY correctting the disastrous X3....

The plot sets our fave mutants in the not so distant future where the Sentinels have taken over and killed every mutant and human on earth, and are hunting the remaining survivors. These sentinels however are not your typical 90's era ones..these are BIG, SCARY, and have kind of a Terminatorish feel to them, yet you see the familiar shapes in their face that will have you screaming in terror every time they do their "thing"

The whole pace of the movie is great although it can feel slow at the middle of it, but when all hell breaks loose, you will be screaming for your favorite mutants. You will see a barrage of new and old muties, nods to every movie in the saga, and stuff that will blow your mind away. Even some crooked politicians like Nixon are played so flawlessly, that you will swear you are seeing that paranoid rat alive in the flesh. (even my favorite  ex president of the US is revealed to be a mutant!)

The best breakout mutant here is Quicksilver played by Evan Peters. This is particularly important cause it has set the bar high on how to portray correctly the fastest mutant in the roster...Marvel laughs at the competition and even took the time to make a music video on how you convey speed, laughs and sass in the big screen. Sorry DC, Marvel just stole the thunder for Flash.

Another cool new Mutant is Warpath, played by none other than Booboo Stewart ( of the wolvies from the Twilight saga) There is also Bishop, Blink, Sunspot and a ton more. All kicking butt like no other mutant movie ever.

On the bad guys we have Bolivar Trask, whose casting was controvertial at first but after seeing the movie, you understand that is the mind that grants power, and can set giant things in motion affecting your future. He is not just a villain for being a villain, he respects and in a way admires the mutants, he just wants to control their power so the homo sapiens don't get extinct. You will also see a young William Stryker, Michael Fassbender twisting things (and a ton of metal) like he usually just don't know when it will happen...and my favorite girl in the world: Jennifer Lawrence as just can't help but love that girl..even in blue she is smoking hot, and does a great role conveying sadness and a misguided sense of justice...I almost forgot Rebecca Romijin played her a while ago. We still love you Rebecca!!

The old cast is back (and i mean it) the story is played flawlessly, the timeline corrected (mostly though)  and from here on I can only see great X-men movies in the horizon...and should stay tuned at the very end of the credits...there is a preview of an upcoming new player in town. Although most people in the cinema didn't understand who he was...I knew his name from the moment I first heard the chants...I have been an x-men fan since the cartoon aired in the 90's and then the Chris Claremont/Jim Lee comics...The x-team is in BIG trouble now and I hope to see another favorite of mine in the next movies!!