Monday, July 28, 2014

Year of the Horse optimus Prime: Silver faceplate tutorial....The road to make him look G1

I have been wanting to fix my year of the horse Optimus Prime for a while now. He came with a black faceplate and gold upper vent from the factory. I mean it's cool, but for those of us who don't own the first release, it's not too pretty.

 Just disassemble the head with a small screwdriver. It will split with some maneuvering into several pieces. Then paint the faceplate using Games Workshop Runefang Steel, (try to do it as if you were dusting the piece rather than slapping the paint, build color in layers) then use Citadel ironbreaker for the upper vent. Let dry and voila!  Now Optimus is ready to roll out closer to G1 style!! Painting his trailer and abdomen sections though.., that will be another be continued...

Want to buy paints for your own custom Optimus Prime Project? Look no further:

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