Thursday, August 14, 2014

Introducing: Hunter Knight's Product showcase

Sunrise FL 2:30 PM 8/14/2014

            "In a world of thousand opinions, the time for the viewer to form it's own has come"

Product showcases are a new way to promote products in a fast paced, visually stunning and unobstructed format, whose main focus is the item being displayed.

This new format allows for the viewer to be the judge of the product. Allowing him to be the ultimate voice whether or not the product is the right for him/her. There is also your quote of humor reflected at the end of the video, intended for the viewer to find his/her voice.

 Think of them as an in depth promo commercial, where both strength's and weaknesses are shown to the viewer, in a fast paced way. They feature no voice overs, so the opinion of the showcaser is not the focus of the video, we point certain aspects via timely placed, short descriptions throughout the presentation.

Product Showcases have time limits, nobody wants to watch a long presentation without anything relevant to show, that is why we think this format is the best option for brand promotion, product placement and more. Also, the embeddable feature allows you to place them in any website you want!

Product showcases will evolve according to the feedback given by our viewers, but will always focus on the merchandise being displayed.

In short, we want to get people talking, we want the products to speak, we want to hear what you have to say about it, that is why with Hunter Knight's product showcase we GET THEM TALKING!

Check our first ever Showcase of Dc Multiverse BATMAN below:

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