Sunday, October 18, 2015

Conventions and zombie walks: Prime terrorist targets?

One dead and five wounded at a Zombie Walk event in Fort Myers. Having been raised in the middle of a civil war where people got shot and blown every hour of the day, (Peru in the 80's)  I have always been concerned -but never spoken about it to not sound like an alarmist- that these events (SDCC, Cons, Halloween etc) are prime targets for shootings or bombings pretty much like what happened in Boston. Well, now is starting to happen.

Just imagine the scenario: Everyone wearing fake weapons and masks making it impossible to identify the assailants which is exactly what is happening here. Fortunately, in events like San Diego I was able to identify DOZENS of undercover Homeland security officers (Don't ask how. I'm the son of a cop) keeping us safe, but that is not the case in every convention around the country. 

With the upcoming Halloween celebrations, please be always careful when attending these events, Look for suspicious people: Those who seem detached from what is happening around,  stay away from extra crowded areas (which is where these cunts like to attack for maximum effect) do not seat or hang around large windows and always, always stay alert.

Here is the full article courtesy of CNN:

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